ON MAY 23, 1972 AT 12:32 PM


“My children, I am Saint Frances Cabrini.  I have spoken many times through this child and I did not announce Myself for reasons of God’s Way.

You must understand that This Miracle is One Alone, and It was given to man to lead him God’s Way.  So many children need This Miracle, and in many ways, certain men fear telling It to others, for you see, they feel they will be laughed at and they do not want this in man’s way.  They feel self-conscious, displaying such a Miracle, and I, Saint Frances, come today and I say: ‘If you are laughed at for God’s Love, offer it to Him with love.  If you are ridiculed because of your desire to please Him, let it slide off of you; it is only the weakness of man.  If children mock you because of your blind Faith, blind Trust in His Way, do not let it penetrate you, for you see, you should be so filled with love for Him that man’s weakness, man’s mockery cannot enter in.’

You are Blessed much through This Miracle.  You are Loved much because of It.  Keep this in mind in your day.”

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