ON JUNE 4, 1972 AT 3:17 PM


“My beloved children, as the child spoke, it was I Who injected Heavenly Words.  It was I Who invited you to participate in this Great Hill that is to save mankind in many ways.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and the moment you realize this you will accept fully, God’s Grace.

This Hill will give man Bible History.  This Hill will give man All Truths.  This Hill will give man stability.  This Hill will give man God’s Love firsthand, and a personal view of what the Purpose of life was, is, for you.

There are so many children in My Presence here now, who have never experienced a Personal Touch from God, so they say, but keep in mind that the beat of your heart is His Love for you; the sight in your eyes, His Love for you; the Faith that you have, His Love for you; all things you are, are His Love for you.

I am Saint Athanasius, and when I speak through this child, I speak in firmness at all times, for I walked the earth in a time of great heresy, and My life, I know, was of great worth.  There were many times, those who believed in the heresy of that day, believed themselves to be truthful, but what they did not understand was that they were involved in development of untruth, and that is what is happening in your day:  Man is developing untruths.

So, through This Miracle of Love, through This Miracle of Hope, I give you God’s Love through a child who stands as you, through one who acts as you, through one who walks the marriage state, through one who has obedience totally to God’s Way.

Man says, ‘How do I know how to do God’s Will?’ God says, ‘Love Me and you will feel My Hope in you, and you will feel the service that is needed to do My Will; but if you stand on the outside and you constantly look in and you constantly wish, instead of serving, oh, My children, this will not gain you the Grace you need to be a Saint.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say: ‘You stand on the Hill of Hope in your day.  You stand on Truth and you stand witnessing God’s Love for you.’  So be it.”

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