ON JUNE 11, 1972 AT 3:36 PM


“My beloved children, it was The Father’s Forgiveness for me that gave me Hope.  It was The Father’s Love that gave me Truth.  It was The Father’s Flexibility that gave me Direction.  And you must follow in the pattern He walked, for you see, as you do, you will radiate God’s Generosity.

You know Me to be Mary Magdalene.  I stand on this Hill often, for you see, God has Decreed My place to be.  I ask each child in My Presence here now to understand God’s Love.  Try, in your way, to accept It, and yes, see the Perfection of It.

There are Hundreds of Saints standing here now, ready to speak, ready to give you Direction.  It is God’s Will, each time where the child is, Who will speak.  If All Heaven spoke you could not absorb It, for God has decreed it to be that only Some of Us would speak each time and give you Lessons of Love, Lessons of Truth, so you could take These with you and grow more in love with The Holy Trinity.

God says that, through Me, on this day He blesses you in many ways.  Take These Blessings, grow with Them, from Them, and in Them, and as you do, desire to love Him more, His Way.  You are Blessed.  So be it on this day.”

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