ON JUNE 14, 1972 AT 11:33 AM



I will tell you what I see.  I so often see Her in green, but in the Chapel She is to be in all gold, with little gold sandals on Her Feet. “Green is hope,” She says, “and this is the Hill of Hope.”

Our Lady is standing on the world, in the most beautiful green I have ever seen.  No man could copy this green.  The Crown of Jewels upon Her Head are all emeralds.  The facets of the emeralds are just glowing.


“My children, through color I give you Hope.  Through My Vision through this child, I give you Love.  Through My Words, I give you Direction.

Man sees this Great Hill as a mound of dirt.  God sees it as a place for His Souls to come to gain Grace.  Would you not then say that God’s Sight of this Hill is far greater than man’s?

As this child stands before you, I stand before her, so she can deliver My Words to you.  This Miracle must become known throughout the world, in a very personal way.  This Miracle must be seen, must be heard, for you see, this is truly My Spouse’s day.

All the world must recognize Him for Who He Is, Where He Is.  All colors, all creeds, must begin to pray to Him.  They must come to the Hill in a special way to grow in God’s Way.

The Hill must be protected in a physical way.  This Hill must show mankind God’s Love.

Oh, My children, as I stand before this child now, I stand with a Love for you, you cannot know.  Please, pray the Rosary every day, and as you do, say it for Me, so that I will disperse the Blessings that come with it in My Way, for as I speak to you I see the Souls in Purgatory, and I know that your Rosaries will release Them to stand at the Feet of God one day.

Be blessed by My coming, for through the color I have given you Hope.  Be blessed by My Words.  I do love you so.  So be it.”

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