ON JUNE 17, 1972 AT 2:59 PM



Let me tell you what I see.  Now, as I see it, I see it with the Eyes of my Soul and I do not see it out here.  So I can be looking at you and it doesn’t mean a thing.  I see all Visions back here.

I see Our Lord in a white that no man could imitate, for it glows.  And all around Him are what you and I would call diamonds, but He refers to Them as Souls, for in God’s Way our Soul shines with a light that we would call a diamond.

There is a crown.  I have never seen Him with a crown like this.  It’s a crown of thorns, and each one of the little sticks — it’s not red, it’s green, and it’s little emeralds all through each one.  They start out very large and then they go very small, but the crown is shining green, all around.

There are Angels in the background, Many, and They are all colors.  Their little dresses are delicate colors:  pinks, blues, yellows, green, violet, peach; there’s no white ones.

Our Lord is smiling because I always comment.  Oh my! He’s holding the world in His Hands, and the world is like — it’s the size of a baseball, a hard ball.  The blue of the water is glistening and the land is blood red, all around.  He holds out the world for me to see, and He says:


“If I were visible to you in this room now, with the description that the child gives to each of thee, some of you would die of shock, some of you would fall to your knees in fear, some of you would cry endlessly.  Some of you would say, ‘Oh God, which part am I on, the sea or land?’

You would fear for yourselves, for you would know that if you were on the land, there was great disaster on this land, and you would immediately react to the physical you see.

Oh, My children, as the child holds her hands out to you as I hold Mine in front of her, I also hold her in My Power and in My Love, for she is a sacrificial lamb.  Man hears These Words a Biblical way, but man does not relate to having it be in his day; but now We come to the world to show mankind that sacrifice is not just of the past, but now, for all mankind.

As I walked the earth, I walked for man, and it was My Love for The Father that gave Me the strength to go on.  I hold now the world in My Hands, and I say: ‘All children must begin to see the Truth.  All children must begin to react to What I say.’ There are so many fallacies around.  There are so many enemies everywhere, and children are not sifting prudently, wisely, the truth from the untruth.  I say to you on this day, through this Vision of Hope in your way: ‘Do not reject Truth.  Do not reject all the Things We gave.  Take the world and change the red into a glowing color of green, which is hope, My children.’

I want hope throughout the world, so it is This Time that We are sending to the world The Beloved Son Who was My earthly Father.  When He walked the earth there was much disaster all around.  And when the time came for Me to suffer for the world, for all mankind, God took This Son from the ground, for in His Love for The Father’s Will and in His Love for Me, He would have changed the Plan, changed destiny.  And so now again, through this child, more Wisdom is given, more Love shown, more Truth must be accepted.

I want the red on this globe to be changed to the green of hope.  I want all men to Honor The Son Who fathered Me.  I want all men to turn from satan.  I want all men to recognize The Commandments that were given.  I want all men to understand the power of prayer.  I want all men to beseech Our Beloved Mother with Rosaries everywhere.  I want the Souls that are now in a special place, to be able to come Here soon.

I say to you: ‘Put all things you do in Our Will, and accept the Grace, for you see, through Grace you will grow to Sainthood.  Do not dismiss Sainthood from your way but make it your Goal, each day.’

I now hand you the globe, and through These Words I give you Hope.  So be it.”

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