ON JUNE 18, 1972 AT 3:07 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bernadette.  I have spoken many times through this child, spoken of God’s Love for the Holy Rosary, and spoken of the need for it to be said by each man, each day.  It is Our Heavenly Mother’s Wish, Her Desire, Her Love, Her Hope.

As you stand on this Great Hill named ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope’, you are given hope.  The Souls in Purgatory have but one thing, hope, and through this hope, it helps them continue on to the day when They will arrive at the Feet of God.

The Heavenly Mother says, ‘Give hope,’ so that is why this Hill has been named ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope’.  Man, in the physical, wants hope.  He desires hope.  He lives for hope, in hope.  So, My children, as you entered the gate today, you were Blessed with Hope, and you were given the Grace to accept it as you receive it, in the quantity you can absorb it, and in the quantity best for you.

I, Saint Bernadette, walked the earth as you do, and in many ways I walked a selfish way, for if I did not feel at the time like saying the Rosary, I would postpone it.  But during the Visions with Our Heavenly Mother, She told us the importance of time, She told us the importance of the Holy Rosary.  So from that time on, we took the time and said the Holy Rosary.

Today, I say this to you, each of you: ‘Take the time.  Make it a special time, and say the Beads of Hope, of Love, that have so much power within them that no man can decide upon the power, or design a power as it is.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say: ‘There are More Here to speak to you today.  Be alert to Every Word you hear.  Open your heart and open your mind, and have hope in God’s Love for you, for this is what will make you hold It dear.’  So be it.”

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