ON JUNE 18, 1972 AT 3:13 PM


“My beloved children, there are Many of Us here with this child on this day, and no hour of the day goes by that We do not speak through her, think through her, act through her.  I am a Saint few of you know.  I am a Saint that lived a long time ago.  I am Saint Tobias.

There are many things to be cleared up through This Great Miracle of Hope.  There are many children to once again learn God’s Way.  There are many children to accept the Beauty of The Holy Trinity, and there are many children to once again look to God for all things.

There are so many evil things around.  There are so many cults, so many movements, and so many children acting as if there is no God.  Satan has designed it this way.  Right now, in the time in which you live, satan is very prevalent, satan is very active, satan is trying to gain the Souls of men.

My children, as I speak to you from a Heavenly Realm, I say, ‘Pay attention to What is taught to you today, and as you do, follow It, for as you follow It, you will grow in God’s Way.’

You have come to The Miracle Of Saint Joseph to learn about the Purpose of life, and that is to become a Saint.  At no other time in the world has man been given such a chance to learn about God and the Truth He is.  Today is a special day for you, for the Words that are poured through this child must be absorbed by you.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘It was a long time ago that I lived on the earth, but Here in the Heavens I work for God each day.’  So be it.”

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