ON JUNE 18, 1972 AT 3:18 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Hilary.  I have not spoken many times through this child.  There have been other places in the world that My work was, but today I have been asked by The Father to speak to a certain group of children on the earth.

There are two men present here now that must do many things, God’s Way.  The rest of the children have much to do, but these two men must work against the heresy of your day.  You must fight the evil that is all around.  Do not deny that there is heresy, for you see, it is evident to Us that this great heresy is growing, leaps and bounds.

I speak through this child with a language, through a language that you understand, and I say in Words of your time, to follow God’s Plan.  Seek Truth; fight for it.  Wipe out the enemy, because he leans on your weakness and he desires to drag you down to the pits of Hell.

I bless you and I say: ‘Be alert to the demons in your day and do not ignore the Words that I have said.  They are Truth.  They come from Heaven Where I am.’  So be it.”

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