ON JUNE 18, 1972 AT 3:21 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Elizabeth.  I speak through this child with Much Love on this day.  I, too, played a part in man’s way.  I, too, walked a physical road, knowing that A Creator was there for me to love, for me to serve, for me to obey.

In the time you live, there are many challenges all around.  There are many ways that you can seek a Heavenly Crown.  So many children are absorbed in the physical, material way.  God does not say this is all wrong, but God does say, ‘Have balance to your life; share the physical with Me, in My Way, and please, as you enjoy the talents you have, the Gifts you have, keep Me in mind and offer them to Me.’

I was the mother of a special son, John.  There are so many children ignoring the Sacrament of His way.  You must be alert to this Great Sacrament, for it is important to God, it is important to man, and this is the Sacrament that satan fears most.  My children, each time a child is baptized, a Soul is released from Purgatory.  That is why satan fights this so much.  I have told you this on this day for there are some here who have not been baptized.

Be in God’s Way and be blessed by These Words.  Carry Them with you, grow in Them, and love Them.  So be it.”

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