ON JUNE 21, 1972 AT 10:58 AM


“I alone will speak to you on this day.  I am your Father.  I want each child standing before Me here to understand that as I now come to the land that I created, I bless you in a Special Way and I give you Hope, My Way.

At no time in the History of the world, since I created it, have I given man this chance, in such a Personal Way, to become a Saint.  As you read the lives of Those Who joined Me Here in the Heavens, each walked a particular way, giving their will to Me, in service My Way.  And now I come to the world through a child such as you, to give you Hope, to give you understanding, and to give you the Way to be a Saint.  As this child stands before you, alone, she will stand before Me for Judgment, as you will, My children, one day.

Men will say, ‘The Father does not speak,’ but I say ‘I do,’ for you live in a time of great disaster and great dilemma for your Soul.  You truly live in a time worse than the places I destroyed with fire a long time ago.  And now, rather than destroy you by fire, I am giving you Hope.

There are Many, Many Saints that speak through this child, All with aid for you, All with desire to help you.  I want the people all over the world to understand My Gift to them, My Generosity at This Time for all men.

Sometimes, when I speak through this child, I speak in a more gentle way, but on this day I speak with a firmness you can understand, and I speak in a manner that is understandable to your ears. This child is in obedience to Me day and night.  And each child here before Me now, I say, ‘Give Me your will to do with what is right.’ At the moment of conception I handed you a will, and with this will I wanted you to return to Me.  I gave you a Soul at this very moment, along with the physical, and a Guardian to watch over you.

And now in the world, there are so many children acting in a way that is not for Me.  The evil one, My enemy, is all over the world.  He has demons that are constantly tempting thee.  And if a man says this is not true, ask the man to prove his words, and you will find dilemma in these words and you will find facades covering all the things of untruth.

My children, when I sent My Son to the world, I gave Him Love.  But it was His Love for Me, the return of It that I cherished, for you see, it was His Love for Me that opened Heaven for you.  Your love for Me is My Desire.  Love Me more, love Me much, and do not let your pride nor your ego become so great that you forget Me.  Self-love is self-destruction.

So, through this child, I am giving the world Hope.  Through this child I have offered you Sainthood, and through The Miracle of The Beloved Son, Saint Joseph, I give you My Love, for as He walked the earth, He was in total obedience to Me.  He trusted Me.  He did not lean upon man, only Me; and this is what I want of each of you, and this is what I want of all the children of all the world.  I want all the colors, all the creeds I created, to return to Me.  I want each child to love Me so much that the child will desire Sainthood alone and the child will dedicate all things to Me; and the child will be constantly aware of the Soul that I gave at that great moment of conception, the time that I designed for many things, for you see, children are saying throughout the world, ‘Why was I born?’

And now, through This Miracle of Hope, through this child, through this instrument, through this channel, through this fork, through this faucet, through this link to Me, I hand you Hope.  I want each child in the world to understand My Way, and I am giving it to you in a Personal Way.  I want children to have copies of What I have said.  I want children to read the Words throughout the world.

I bless you with a Father’s Love and I bless you with Hope.  I bless you with The Heart of My Son, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost.  So be it.”

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