ON JUNE 25, 1972 AT 3:20 PM


“My children, as you stand on a mound of soil, it is God’s soil, it is God’s creation.  As you stand in a particular place, God has chosen this place for you to stand.  As you breathe the air all about, God has created this air.  I am Saint Augustine.

This Hill of Hope is one alone throughout the world.  Children will come here to learn about Grace, the reward it is.  Children will learn what the Ten Commandments truly are and children will learn the beauty of the dignity of the physical way.

Children must learn Reverence to The Holy Trinity.  Children must better understand the need for prayer.  Children must learn to accept that God is Above all things and that man is but a creation of His.  Children must understand the necessity to lean upon God, not man.  Children must begin to pray the Holy Rosary.  Children must reject temptation.  They must learn the virtues of the beautiful way.  Children must not anticipate God’s Will, but to be subservient to It each day.

As you walk in the physical way, you do not see the Realm of Heaven watching over you at all times.  My children, to walk the physical way is a privilege, as it was said before.  Man has the greatest privilege of any creation of God, and that is to accept His Will, to do His Will, to perform His Will, and to become a Saint.

There are so many areas of sin.  There are so many areas where satan has stepped in.  Now, through this Hill of Hope, now, through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, man is learning to be cautious, man is learning to walk away from the evil that is all around.  My children, do not accept evil ways.  Do not accept something or someone that says to you, ‘You are great.’ Oh, My children, pride is weakness, humility is strength.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Truth.  I bless you with Dignity and I say, ‘God does love you.’  So be it.”

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