ON JUNE 25, 1972 AT 3:24 PM


“My beloved children, I announce Myself first to you.  I am your Heavenly Grandmother.  I am Saint Anne.

As I speak through this child, I use her as God Wills her to be used, as an instrument for Him.  Nowhere in the world is This occurring now.

The Visions that occur to man usually are Visions to teach a Particular Thing, to give a Particular Message, to show Particular Love.  And now, through this child, the Teaching is coming from Above.  It is not ordinary teaching; it is Wisdom through The Holy Trinity, from The Holy Trinity.

Oh, My children, all the requests that will be made from you today, by you today, with you today, for you today, will be blessed by God.  You cannot imagine such a Blessing, but you must understand that God is aware of all things and God sees all things.

Those of Us in the Heavens Here, Who work constantly for children upon the earth, We say to you, ‘Be aware of Our Presence, be aware of what Sainthood is, and be aware of God’s Will for you.’

My children, do not feel that discomfort is important.  Just keep in mind that the comfort, the Knowledge that you are learning now will be sufficient for you if you follow Every Word said.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love and with a Grandmother’s Love.  I bless you from Heaven Where I am.  So be it.”

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