ON JUNE 25, 1972 AT 3:25 PM


“My children, I will speak slowly through this child so each one here will understand What I teach to man.  I am Saint Athanasius.

In the time I lived, I fought heresy, Arian by name.  The time in which you live, there is a great heresy.  It has not yet been named, but God has a name for it.  It has not yet been divulged through this child, but soon a name it will be called.  Do not accept the heresy of your day.  Do not let others guide you into cults.  Do not follow what man says, but keep in mind The Commandments of every day.

Children of all colors, all creeds, must get to know The Heavenly Father in the manner and in the way best for the Soul.  Please, My children, be aware that as you stand here, your Soul is alert to you and to Heaven.  As you leave this Great Hill of Hope, your Soul will go with you, and you must constantly be aware of the Soul God gave you.  As you sleep at night, your Soul stands by, ever a Part of you, and at this time you must also ask The Divine to watch over the Soul for you.

The Guardian that God has put in charge of each of you is ever ready to protect you.  And many of the children here before Me now have been protected much by the Guardian God gave them at the moment of conception.

There is a child here in this place now who has not been baptized, and The Father says, ‘Let it be; and let the cleansing of the water erase the sin from the child for Me.’

And now I bless you in a special way, and I say, ‘As All Heaven is aware of you today, you are to be aware of All of Heaven from now on.’  So be it.”

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