ON JUNE 25, 1972 AT 3:30 PM


“My children, this child who stands before you is a channel from Us to you, is a funnel from Us to you, is a faucet from Us to you, is a fork for Us to use, is a link between Us.  Each of these is used in a different manner.  Each of these is used to teach and to reach you.

There are so many, many things to be learned by mankind, because you see, My children, The Father says to the whole world, ‘Turn to Me.’ And you live in a time where now the evil one is trying desperately to draw Souls to him, because of his envy, because of his jealousy.

I speak through this child in a direct way.  I am The Son of The Father, and I come to you in a special way. The child will soon describe to you what she sees, and as she sees it, it grows in size, for you see, this Vision, this Love, must be known throughout the world.

I stand, not on a hill, but on the waters.  I stand alone.  As the water rushes under My Feet, it is the momentum of This Miracle.  As My Hands are outstretched, it is to draw in the whole world, for you see, The Father has designated a particular spot for this Teaching to be.

One man is eager to learn and he says, ‘God, help me.’ As long as this man continues to say these words, the help will come and it will flow freely.

There is no turmoil in Our Way.  There is all Love, all Truth.  And as I stand upon these waters where the child sees Me, there is all movement.  My children, she will now describe to you where I am.”


He left the water and He stands on top of the world.  And as He stands on this world there are all diamonds around Him.  And again He explains the diamonds are the Souls to be saved, to come to Him.  One diamond just went out.

“My children, the diamond, the light that just flickered out, was a Soul that I had chosen for Great Sainthood in the Heavenly Realm, but the will of the child said, ‘I do not want to cater to God, only to the physical way.’

The diamonds that the child has seen include your Souls.  Do not let any more flicker away from Me.  Let each day make you aware of the Light that your Soul is to Here.  And allow your will to let this Light brighten to a Light that no man can know.

Through This Miracle of Hope you are given the Direction to help your Soul glow.  As you partake in this Hill, you are Blessed with Grace, Blessed with Wisdom, Blessed with Light, Blessed with Hope. ‘In return,’ I say to you, ‘be obedient to My Will; trust in the Ten Commandments; and, My children, look to The Holy Eucharist for the Magnitude It is, for you see, It is My Gift to you so you will one day spend Eternity Here with Me.’ Through this Great Love of Mine, you will grow in strength, in courage, and you will be better able to withstand the blows of the human way.  Also, I say to each child here, ‘The Holy Rosary must be said, for it has a power beyond man’s knowledge.’

I come through this child to draw you to Me.  Do you reject My Love or do you accept My Love, for each of thee?

I bless you through her, and as I do, I ask you to cross yourselves with the Sign I gave you: ‘In the Name of The Father and in My Name, and in the Name of the Light, The Holy Ghost.  So be it.’”

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