ON JUNE 27, 1972 AT 12:47 PM


“My beloved daughters, at no other place in the world is This occurring.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is known in many places, and children are wondering just what is taking place.  And now you are partaking in It, this Great Love of God’s for the world.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  I speak in an instant through this child, and I always speak with Love, for you see, as this child stands before thee, it is in service to God, as He Wills you be.

There are so many, many facets to This Great Miracle of Hope, This Great Miracle that is a Gift from The Divine.  As you gather in union with each other, keep one thing in mind, that one day you will stand before The Father and you will have to account to Him for your time.  Let it be said now, and let this be your desire, that when you stand before Him, you will be able to say, ‘Oh God, oh mine, I did try to do Your Will; and through a Great Miracle that You designed, I was able to learn more of Your Way, and I truly tried.’ You see, My children, do not stand on the outside of God’s Love, for when you do, you deny yourselves the Beauty of His Way, the path to Here Above.

There was a time in My Life when an Angel appeared to Me, and the Angel said, ‘Oh Mary, conceived without sin.’ At the moment, I did not know what this Angel truly meant; and at the moment, I did not feel necessity; and at the moment, I did not see the Purpose of what this Angel was to say to Me, but as I listened to the Words of this Being from Heaven, I realized with My Heart that only God would deliver such a Message.  Even when I nodded My Head in agreement, I did not know the Magnitude of This Agreement, and I did not scrutinize the involvement that would be; My Love was obedient, My Love was trusting in The Holy Trinity.

As time went on and things began to occur, I, too, would say to God, ‘I am not worthy.’ And I would always feel His Arms say to Me, ‘Mary, You must walk My Way, for You see, through You man will see Heaven, man will see Me.’ Many things I did not understand, but as I grew in trust in all things, I always knew it was best to hold God’s Hand.

Through This Miracle that bears the Name of My Beloved Spouse, I see many children walking to the Gates that were opened by The Son.  It is not a gate as you know a gate to be; it is far different than this, but God has brought to the world all things in explanation, so that man can better understand The Holy Trinity.

And all the Words that were spoken through this child before this, telling you of the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist, was One of Us, for you see, there is no moment in the day, no moment in the night, that We do not stand with her, remain within her, for The Miracle is the world’s Light.  The Words that were mentioned, that ‘This is a Miracle of Life, a Miracle for Life, It is a Living Miracle’, this is Truth.  God has designed It so.

At Sodom and Gomorrah, when The Beloved Father had to erase this place from the world, He took fire, and He struck fire so that it would burn to a cleansing point.  And this time He is coming to the world to cleanse in a different way; He is using a Son, a Saint.

And now, as you gather in love, in obedience and in trust, relate This Time to the Time when the Angel appeared to Me, and know that it is not an Angel that speaks to you, but All of Us.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I say, ‘As you walk in the physical way, devote every moment to God and His Will to be done, His Way; and do not let others distract you, tempt you, or lead you astray, for then you will rob yourself of the Grace that is bestowed each day when you are obedient to the Will of God and to His Way.’

Be blessed by My Presence here with you now.  Be blessed by My Words, and be blessed by the Love I give to you:  a Mother to a child.  So be it.”

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