ON JUNE 28, 1972 AT 11:20 AM


“My beloved children, I hold this child with God’s Power, with God’s Light, and as the Words pour through her she is as a funnel of the Wisdom from Here.  I speak on this day and I say to you, ‘Hold Each Word dear,’ and All the Teaching that has been given to you up to now is to help you better understand God’s Love for you.

I stand in the Heavens at all times, guiding you and guarding you.  I am your Heavenly Mother.  In My Visions throughout the world, I asked children to prepare themselves in a way to one day come Here and be with The Holy Trinity.  Warnings were given forth, and I would beseech children to say the Holy Rosary in a devout way.  Man does not realize the Magnitude of these Beads.  In them is great power, in them is great love, and as you repeat the words, much is said to The Father Above.

As you touch the Crucifix of Love you say to God, ‘I believe in You.’ This, My children, says more than you can know.  And as you travel on the Beads, you say, ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven.’ This is your love for Him, this is your acknowledgment of His Way.  And as you say the Beads to Me, you call My Name, and each time you call, I say: ‘Yes, child, I am Here to stay.  I am your Security.  I am your Love.  I am your Hope.  I am your Way.  And as you pray, I grant you Grace to one day come This Way.’

Oh, My children, do not let the ways of your world become so much a part of you that you forget the beauty of truth, the beauty of purity, the beauty of modesty, the beauty of virtue, the beauty of the great obedience to The Commandments God did give.  Do not become so much a part of the world that you forget to give time each day to The Father Who created you in a special way.

Each child born to the world, at the moment of conception, is handed by God a Soul, is given a Guardian Angel, and a will is placed within.  It is through this will that all things will come about.  It is through this will that man is born to the world; the desire to live.  It is this will that will guide you through your life so that one day you will truly live with The Divine.

Oh, My children, as It has been said before through this child, ‘To be a creation of God in the human form is truly a privilege in every way,’ for you see, all things about you, all things you are, He made.

You are Blessed as you gather on this Hill of Hope, in a special way.  Keep all things in mind that occur on this day.

Oh, My children, when you are in need, come to My Knee and pray.  When you are in fear, come My Way and I will bless away the tears; and oh, My children, know that We in the Heavens are not far from you, but We are closer than you know.  We watch you and We watch over you.  We always encourage you to do God’s Will, not your own.

God’s enemy does just the opposite for you.  He encourages you to be deceitful, to play tricks on others, and yes, to not follow truth.  He also encourages you that the flesh is so great, and do not worry about the Hereafter because there is no Place such as that.  This is so sad when We hear a child listen to these words, because you see, God’s Love is so Great and He has given you a will to decide, to choose.

Oh, My children, I beg of you, be alert to temptation, to evil, and to satan’s way.  He covers many things with a facade of good.  This is sadness Here.  But he is clever, he is deceitful, and he has nothing in mind but to drag you down to the pits of Hell with him.  He can offer you nothing, once he has you; but, when you turn to God and you desire to love only God and to do His Will, oh My children, there is Great Promise, Great Reward, Great Happiness ahead, and True Life for you.

As I bless you through this child, I bless you first with God’s Love, and then I bless you with The Heart of The Son, and then I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost; Three, always as One.  So be it.”

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