ON JULY 10, 1972 AT 9:45 PM


“My beloved children, I am present at your time together, with your thoughts for My Plan for the world of man.  I enter in many ways.  I speak in many ways.  I offer suggestion in many areas.  I implant good thoughts to accomplish My Plan.  I give you humor to relax you as men.

I created you.  I created the earth.  I created the place that the birth will take place, the birth of a Son, in a different manner than the physical run.  This time, as He comes to the earth, He will be heard, He will be seen, because of the sacrifice of a child to The King.  This Saint, The Beloved Joseph, must be on the lips of all men.  His Way must be learned, His Way must be taught, His Way must be followed, in example form.

The weariness of this child is one alone, the burden far greater than any man knows.

I will speak to you now of the Hill of My Plan, of My Desire for the world of man.  A long time ago, I chose ‘this place’ to one day display My Way and to give to the world, in a terrible time, the History from The Divine.

I want all men to see the beauty of the physical way, to reach Me.  I want mankind to know that I care about the physical, for you see, I want man to be reminded that I created the physical way and I had Great Purpose for it in every day.

I want man to look at the things I have given.  I want man to seek the things I will give.  I want man to know the Purpose of living.  I want man to know the beauty of true living.  I want man to better understand the total way that I Am In Command.

I want man to begin to pray, to begin to kneel, to begin to say: ‘I love You, God.  Thank You for the way.’ I want man to honor Me.  I want man to see Me as The Holy Trinity.

I have given My Heart to this Hill of Hope.  I have given My Will to be done by all of you.  And I say to you on this night, through a child such as you, ‘I want My Will done by each of you, in the Manner I Command, in the Way I Demand, for the Purpose of My Design for the world of man.’

I have spoken many times through this child on this Great Hill, about this Great Hill, regarding the purpose of this Hill.  And I want men to come from all over the world to seek this Hill, to stand on this Hill, and to feel My Presence on this Hill.  No man is capable of designing this place or injecting into it the Power of My Way, for it is with My Power that I reach you today.

This Hill is destined for many, many Miracles:  physical, mental, and the greatest of all, Spiritual.  This Hill is a love close to Me.  This Hill says to the world: ‘I want you all to see a Son Who was obedient to Me.  I want you all to feel His Trust when He was asked to perform in a way special for Me.’

Oh, My children, I speak with great firmness through this child, for as you are a part of This Great Miracle that is so worthwhile, you must each serve in a special way, but I ask you to do it with love for Me, in your little way.

I bless you and I say, ‘Look to the Light that I Am, look to the Beat of The Heart I gave, and look to the Truth that I have stressed in all days, in all ways, for all time.’  So be it.”

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