ON JULY 10, 1972 AT 10:50 PM


“My beloved children, I, Padre Pio, speak to you on this night, and I say, ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’ I say this with Love and I say this with Truth.  I say it with Understanding.  And I say: ‘As you build this Great Plan with God’s Way, God’s Direction, do it in love for Him, with Him, and say that you accept all things that He gives to you as obstacles, that He allows your way, for as you accept these things with love, He will give you Promise of much Glory in Heaven with Him, one day.’

You know, My children, I, too, stood upon the earth, and I, too, gave My life God’s Way.  I, too, understand what it is to sacrifice and to do penance.  And I understand that as I send the Odor of Love, the Odor of Sanctity that is designed by God, given by God through God’s Power, I also give you My Direction in this way, and I say, ‘Trust in all things that give Truth and show obedience to His Way, and as you do things in this manner, you will find Truth in all ways.’

Oh, My children, be blessed by the Odor and be blessed by My Hand, be blessed by My Love, and say: ‘I love You, God.  Help me serve You each day.’  So be it.”

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