ON JULY 12, 1972 AT 8:09 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint John, known as Saint John of The Cross.  I speak through this child in a firm manner.  I speak readily.  I will speak slowly.

I want each child present here in the room, in your day, in your way, to better understand what the physical is truly meant for.  The Father gave man the physical way.  It is a means to come Here one day.  Men throughout the world are forgetting the Purpose of the physical role.  Men are placing all importance on the physical way.  They are forgetting that the physical is the means to Here, the way to Here, and that the physical must be used to serve God in every way.  Children of God, there are so many things that the physical can do to serve God, in little ways, in great ways.  The physical can serve in all degrees.

Many men are following the way of the pages in a book.  They are so busy being preoccupied with the knowledge that other men have set forth, they are not thinking of the Wisdom of God.  They are copying other men.  They are not interested in the Truth that the other men have put down.  All they are interested in is how much knowledge they can absorb, how much they can say they have read, how much they can say they have accomplished through the pages of a book.

I ask each child present here now, to look for the Truth in all that you read.  Look for the benefits you derive from these things.  Look for the value that each word brings, and if there is no wisdom to save your Soul, then toss the book away, toss the pages out, so you will not play the role of a fool.  There are so many words written, simple, easy to understand, that will give you life and that will teach you God’s Commands.  There are so many things written to help you better understand God’s Love for you, God’s Generosity, God’s Truth.

Oh, My children, I, Saint John, speak through a child that is but an instrument, a channel, a fork, a link, a funnel, for you, and as Our Words from Heaven Where We are, pour through her to you, it is to give you God’s Love, it is to teach you the Way to Here, it is to instruct you in what God expects of you.

Right now, in the world, men are causing destruction to themselves and to each other because they are blinded by the words they read; they are deafened by the words they hear.

Oh, My children, let your eyes see only Truth.  Let your ears hear only Truth.  Let your lips speak only Truth.  Let your heart beat with The Heart of The Son, Which is Truth; and let the physical be totally submitted to God’s Will.  Let the will you have join with His.  Let what you are be totally His.  Let the Angels God created, help you.  Let Those Who walked before you, Who are now Here, guide you.  Let The Heavenly Mother protect you, and let The Father, let The Son, let the Light of The Holy Ghost be your Goal, your Aim, for everyone.

I bless you with Truth, I bless you with Love, and I say, ‘I truly speak to you from Heaven Up Above.’  So be it.”

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