ON JULY 14, 1972 AT 11:18 PM


“My children, I am your Heavenly Mother.  My interest in this Great Project for man is:  First, it will draw Souls to Him.  It will teach the children how to love Him.  It will show all children the path to Him.  It will give Light where there is darkness, it will give Sight where there is blindness.  It will give Hope where there is despair.  It will give Love when it appears no one cares.

There are so many facets to this Great Hill of Hope.  There is so much to be seen, to be shown, through this Hill of Hope.  To man, it is a piece of earth.  To God, it is a Path to Heaven.  To man’s eyes, it is a physical thing.  To God, it teaches the children the way to The Holy Trinity.

Children will seek out many devices to teach others God’s Love.  It will encourage minds to plan, to work, to participate, in God’s Way.  It will show the world the beauty of the Bible.  It will give man example to follow.  It will draw men from all over the world and show them a particular way to serve God, through obedience, through trust, through returning to Him the talents He gave in the beginning.

Oh, My children, I stand Here in the Heavens and I say, ‘Offer each task you perform each day, in love to God for a Soul to come This Way.’ Many times a Soul says, ‘Please, God, have someone perform for You so I will be released, so I will be able to spend time with You.’ You are in a position, My children, to help Those Who cannot help Themselves, and in turn, when They reach Here, They will help you build this Hill of Hope for your Soul and for the Souls of other men.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love.  I bless you with Hope.  I bless you with Truth, and I say to you, ‘I caress you in My Way, I comfort you as only a Mother can do, and I hold your hand so that you will not stray.  And I will hand this hand I hold to The Father one day.’  So be it.”

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