ON JULY 16, 1972 AT 3:14 PM


“My children, I am Saint Bernadette.  As I stand in the Heavens I have requested The Father I speak to you on this day.  He has allowed Me the privilege to come your way.

I was very much evident in a Miracle of another day.  The Messages that poured through Me were similar as Those that pour through this child in your day, but the Vision was with My eyes; the Love, with The Heart of God.  And now I come to you in your day.  Please, My children, heed the Message that I was given and that others were given in other days.  There is much need for these Messages to be acted upon, yes.

Oh, My children, there are so many prayers to be said, for there are so many Souls straying away from The Father.  Beware of things covered with a facade of good.  There are many evil things all around.  There are many evil men, yes, walking on the ground, and you must be sure that you are able to sift truth from untruth, and you must be able to know that God has Decreed This Time to be for children to better understand The Holy Trinity.

Oh, My children, there is much abuse in the world now to the Sacrament of Love, the Sacrament of Truth, The Holy Eucharist that was given for you.  There are many men all around, diminishing the Magnitude of This Great Gift from God.  You must stand up for What It Is, the Truth It Is, and you must not let men say It is a symbol only, in your day.  It is not, My children.  It is A Gift truly from God.  It is Substantial in all ways, It is Solid in all ways, and It is He Whom you receive when you receive This Great Gift of Love, in a form, in a manner, easy for you to understand, easy for you to absorb.

Oh, My children, let no man, and do not let the heresy of your day, diminish This Great Sacrament of Truth, of Love, that comes your way.  Encourage children to be cleansed.  Encourage children to better understand This Great Gift of Love, This Great Gift of Hope that was truly given to man.  Put It first, before all other duties you have.  It is your duty, My children, to receive each day This Gift of Love from God to man.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘As you leave this Hill of Hope today, keep in mind one thing, that the Gift of The Holy Eucharist was given to give you strength, to give you purpose, to give you hope, to give you truth, to cleanse you in a way; and remember, too, that It is A Pure Gift to you from The Father every day.’  So be it.”

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