ON JULY 16, 1972 AT 10:35 PM


“My sons, My daughters, I have gathered children from all walks of life, from all vocation of way, to serve Me on the Hill of Hope in your day.  There are some children who are about to come forward whom you would not choose to act in your way.  But I say to the child: ‘Accept this child, for I want their Soul, I want their body, I want their mind, I want the talents I gave, and you must bend with My Will, you must be flexible to My Way, for I am The Father and I am Flexible for man, for the good of all children I created.’ So the child is prepared, when I command, to obey.  And when I say, ‘Child, I want this one,’ she is to serve, she is to say, ‘Let the child work, God’s Way.’

And I am now moving in another direction, and I am gathering children of a skin different than yours and I will bring them forward, for you see, I want them to participate in this Great Work for man.

When man looks at this Hill one day, man will say: ‘It could not have been man’s dream, it is too far away.  It could not have been man’s thoughts, for you see, it is too unique, it is too correct, it is too much God’s Way.’ And so, as Each Miracle that occurs in This One Great Miracle takes place, children will begin to see the Magnitude of This Way.  Children will begin to recognize that Only I Have Control of This Miracle in your day.

I speak through the child, and to many It sounds natural.  It is far from natural, It is Supernatural.  I speak through this child in a matter-of-fact way sometimes, but you see, it has to be this way, for you could not stand My Power, you could not stand the Magnitude of Which I Am, each day. The child through whom I speak is as you, but she is completely, totally, submitted to My Way.

My children, be aware in all corners and in all ways, the danger that could lurk, of the pettiness that is all around, of the envy, of the jealousy, and yes, satan’s way.  There are so many, many things to be accomplished through This Miracle, and the evil one, My enemy, is going to try to stop or delay; but I say to you on this day: ‘Be wise, and walk in wisdom.  Be as I Will it to be, submissive to only Me.’ This child is an instrument, you are an instrument, each in a different way, and yet all directed to the Goal, the Purpose of life — Sainthood for each child I created.

My children, many vocations will be involved in this Hill, and when it is completed no man will be able to stand at the top and say, ‘I created this Hill, I was important to this Hill,’ for you see, each man’s work will intertwine with the other one’s way, and the interweaving will take place all the way up the Hill.  And I will smile each time a child says:

‘Thy Will, my God; let me, help me to serve Your Way.’

I bless you with My Love.  I bless you with My Heart.  I bless you with Truth, but I bless you with the Light so you will see My Way.  So be it.”

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