ON JULY 19, 1972 AT 7:55 PM


“My beloved children, I come immediately through this child, for in your little way you do not know the Power that must surge through her to be with you on this day.  You do not know the obedience that the Words just given were.  You do not know the Love that had to come forth to say and to repeat Each Word.

There are so many Lessons that have been taught through this child.  There are so many more to come.  There is so much truth to be defined.  Children must learn the beauty of obedience, the practicality of trust, the beauty of submission to God’s Will, totally.  Children of all ages must begin to know that the world they have was given to them for the purpose of their Soul.

There is no teaching anymore about the Soul of man.  There is so little said about communication between The Creator and man.  Some men say, ‘Wield a great stick.’ Others say, ‘Be complacent.’ God says: ‘Teach truth.  Be example of love, and show through prayer that you know God is Above.’

I am a Saint.  I walked the earth.  I was man.  And in the time I lived, I, too, fought heresy as God had planned.  And the child who stands before you does just this.  She fights the heresy of your day, which is Pentecostalism.

I am Saint Athanasius.  I ask each child present here: ‘Have you done God’s Will today?  Have you submitted just a little of your action of the day, or have you gone about all things, eager to progress, forgetting that all around you was God’s enemy causing much distress?’

There are so few men in the world who have the strength to stand up for the truth.  God wants all men to know, so men can become Saints.  If God right now said to you, ‘There is a tightrope waiting for you to walk,’ how many of you would accept, even if He described the tightrope His Way, according to His Will?  Some children say, ‘I act God’s Way.’ They do not.  They are following their own will.

My children, The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has come to the world for you to know, for you to see God’s Path, God’s Love giving you the way to spend Eternity with The Holy Three.  God does not say, ‘Do not enjoy the physical,’ but God says, ‘Use all parts of the physical to come This Way.’

I bless you with God’s Love, and I warn you in this Love, of the heresy of your day.  Man shouts, ‘I have power.’ God says, ‘You have none.’ Man says, ‘But I have these gifts,’ and God says, ‘Satan has the power to allow you gifts to an extent that none of them are full, none of them are My Way.’

So, My children, beware of the facades that cover his way.  Beware of the enemy who says to you, ‘You are wonderful, you are great,’ for there is no humility in this remark.  There is no teaching in it, there is no love for you in it, there is no truth in it.  So be it, for today.”

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