ON JULY 19, 1972 AT 8:04 PM


“There are Many Saints present here with the child.  And through all Miracles in the world God would decide upon the time the child would see One of The Heavenly Beings.  But now, through This Miracle that is The Miracle of Hope, a Miracle designed totally for all children around the world, God says, ‘I will design it so when the children gather to hear Me, I will respond with Love and Humility.’

My children, I am Saint Bernard.  As I speak through this child, I speak in a manner of One Way and One Way alone.  I speak from the Realm of Heaven Where I stand, and yet through the Power of God I reach you on your land.  I come through this child to add to the Lessons already given.

You must use your will to follow God’s Plan.  You must try to understand the beauty of the path to God.  Do not complicate it and do not underestimate it, do not misinterpret it; but, My children, see it for what it truly is.  Accept the beauty of it, the truth of it, the simplicity of it, the profoundness of it, and yes, the generosity of it, for ‘God,’ as you say, ‘is All Things,’ but He is Things you do not say He is.  He is Humble; oh yes, My children, above all things.

And on this night you must leave this edifice, man-made, and keep in mind the Humility that God had, that God gives as He comes to you through a child such as you.  Bring with you to your dwelling the desire for humility, the desire for obedience, the desire for love God’s Way, the desire to be as generous as He is in His Way.  So be it.”

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