ON JULY 19, 1972 AT 8:15 PM



There is a very green ground, and about a thousand feet over this ground is a Heart.  The Heart is bleeding.  And now I am standing in a position, not under the ground, but able to see what is happening under the ground.  And the Drops of Blood are seeping into the soil to stay there.

Suddenly, around This Heart is a Luminous Figure.  The Beauty is One Alone.  It’s Our Lord.  There’s someone in the room that has much love for The Sacred Heart.  He’s smiling.


“My Heart is being desecrated in many ways.  It has bled for the world of men, and as the Drops of Blood permeated throughout the world, man forgot What I gave for them.  Nowhere in the world is My Heart being shown as It has been and as It is on this night, to you.  I used a Victim Soul, a child such as you, to relay to you My Words.

There is so much each child here must do.  First, you must seek Truth and then use it as your sword against the enemy that is all around.  You must learn to define what Truth is.  My children, you are not exposed to truth when you indulge in emotional exhibitions, following the thoughts of other men; following their direction, telling you what to do, how to do it; involving you in a man-made plan that has no direction, except, of course, drawing you to the jaws of the evil one, to the open gap of Hell.

On this night you have been given Direction, and I touch your heart with a Drop from Mine, for if I were to hand you My Whole Heart, you could not stand the Magnitude of the Power that It is, so one Drop will be sufficient for you now.

So many men are following a plan to desecrate the Ultimate Gift We gave to man:  Part of Us.  My children, The Holy Eucharist must be saved before it is too late.  They are diminishing the Magnitude of It, the Power It is, the Truth that It is.  Man says, ‘Show me a sign, God, that it is truly You Who stands in this wafer given to man.’ And I say to you and I say to all men on this night, ‘Do not direct what We must do, but walk in Light, walk in the Truth that My Physical Life gave you.’

Through one child We will show Our Power, We will show the Magnitude of a Great Light.  Man, in order to receive, or to show a light such as this, would have to perform in a great way with great mechanical devices.  We do not.  We use the love of one child to give Hope to the world, and one Drop of Blood from My Heart will give you the strength to be a Saint.

No fool is a man who follows Our Way.  A wise man subjects the will totally to Us, for the wise man knows We Are All Things.  I say, ‘We,’ My children, because I come to you on this night as One Part of The Holy Trinity:  the Physical, the Heart, the Beat, the Motor, the Suffering, the Agony, the Submission of Will, totally.  When I walked the earth, those who laughed at Me, spat upon Me, were not My concern, for they did not know the Truth, but through This Miracle of Hope, of Love, of Trust, of Obedience, Truth is given to all men throughout the world.

I hold the child gently but I hold her firmly, and it is her submission that causes this night to be.

The beloved Saint Michael wishes to share with each child here the Sword he carries.  The Sword, in reality, is Love for The Holy Trinity.  Man shouts about armies, and yet man has the greatest chance to form the greatest army that could be, and the power of this army would be the greatest one man can know, for Love of The Holy Trinity, when it shows, is instant victory.

I release the child slowly.  I release her with Love.  I bless her as I bless you, and I say, ‘All men must know the Generosity of God, the Love My Heart showed, and the Light that is given to you in your day.’”

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