ON JULY 20, 1972 AT 1:15 PM


“My children, I speak to you from a Realm you are aware of, but the Magnitude of It is far beyond your understanding, your knowledge, your thoughts, your way.  Nonetheless, All Direction comes to your way from This Place.  I speak through a child who lives as you:  flesh, blood, the physical.  The world is enveloped now by a Love they cannot see, they cannot know.  It is All through The Miracle of Hope.

There are many heresies in your day, and the child must stand before the whole world and fight the heresy, Our Way.  We have signaled her much when she is the target of such heresy.  And as she stands in the target way, We say, ‘Beware of the heresy, child, as it comes forward as a dart, as an arrow, as a bullet, as a way, for you see, the heresies that you are surrounded with must fade away.’

Children all over the world say: ‘I belong to God, I walk His Way.  The Spirit moves me, acts within me, and yes, directs me, His Way.’ Children are being misled, because you see, they are misunderstanding, misinterpreting many things.  They are desiring, they are wishing, they are hoping.  They are not all receiving such Gifts from God.

There are many displays of emotionalism caused by hypnotic anticipation.  The world must know that one of the greatest heresies all around is imposed by man and his desire to stand with God in a special way.  Man has lost the beauty of humility.  Man has lost the desire to be a servant of God, to do His Will in a special way.

Man says: ‘I want Gifts, I want knowledge, I want the beauty of walking in a superior way.  I want power, and I want other men to acclaim me.’ Man, in some instances, is not aware of what he does say, but nonetheless, it is truth.  This is what he wants.  Man wants to be great among men.  Men want power, for you see, they feel a surge of greatness in the power that they constantly decree was given to them by The Spirit of Me.

Oh, My children, I am too Wise to allow so many children to run around the world in a manner of having power such as they decree, for they would be lost from Me.  I cannot allow it to be.  So the heresy that is here, the heresy that is in this great search to seek benefits from My Way, must cease.

I bless you and I say, ‘These Words must be given to many children in your day.’  So be it.”

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