ON JULY 23, 1972 AT 3:16 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I want each child here to read of My way, to think about it and to know the importance it played, for you see, I was but an instrument of God in My day.  I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  Many times I had to stand before men, announcing the truth, fighting for the truth, delivering the truth.  And so it is now in your day, through a child who is as you.  You live in a time of heresy.  You live in a time where men are devoting all things to the physical way.

There is one heresy outstanding in your day.  Men are seeking it out in prideful ways.  Keep in mind, My children, that heresy is developed untruth.  Beware of it and do not latch onto it, for it will draw you to the pits of Hell.  It will make you alert to the physical and it will encourage you to have physical gifts that God did not give you.  My children, it has a name, and I speak of just one of the heresies in your day.  It is called ‘Pentecostalism’, and men are calling it by different names.  They are dividing it between two areas of way.

Let it be known to you here on this Hill of Hope, on this Hill of Truth, on this Hill of Love:  Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into it, for if you do, it will draw you to satan’s way, for it thrives on your pride, it encourages your ego, and yet it permits you to think only of the physical way.

I, Saint Catherine of Siena, love you, for God made you, and I bless you with His Love on this day.  Follow the Truth, follow The Holy Eucharist that The Son gave, and keep close to you the Holy Rosary, for it is a power, it has a power beyond what you know power to be.

I bless you and I say, ‘Be in His Heart, stay with His Will, and thank Him for each day.’  So be it.”

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