ON JULY 23, 1972 AT 3:22 PM


“My beloved children, I come to where you are to speak to you in a special way.  I am The Father Who created each of you.  Your birth to the world was My Design; My allowing it to be, My Love for each of thee.  Men are saying I would not speak through a child.  I come to the world now and I say: ‘Many ways I prepared this child so she would be able to stand before you on this day.  It is My Love, through a servant, through an instrument, through a funnel, through a channel I designed, just as I designed you one day.’

The little children before Me here must know, must understand that I Am The Father, and I come now to the land so they will begin to know the Truth that I Am.  There are so many temptations all around and I want the children of all ages to seek out The Commandments I gave and to learn Them; and the meaning of each one must be followed, for you see, one day I want each child to return to Me.

Do not think that My Words are impossible.  I am The One that controls your heart, I am The One that allows all things to be.  As I speak now, I speak with Love, Infinite.  I am The One that you must look to, and you must seek to do My Will above all things.

I am giving the world Hope.  I am giving the world the Truth to follow, the Way to go, the Path of Knowledge guided by Wisdom, One Alone.  I am seeking out children in many areas to help others come up this Hill where I have placed Much Love.

The child knows where I placed My Heart, across the ravine from you, and where It is now, a place1 will be built, and I will help in all ways, the physical.  So, where you are now is for your Soul2; and where you look, over in that direction, where the child points, is to help the physical.

There are so many things you must take with you on this day.  There are so many Lessons that have been taught to you in a special way.  I bless you with My Love, I bless you with My Heart and I bless you with My Light, the Wisdom you received today.  So be it.”

1  Refers to the Hospital.

2  Refers to the side of the Hill, which is divided by a ravine on which the Basilica, Our Lady’s Chapel and The Room of Saints will be built.

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