ON JULY 25, 1972 AT 3:00 PM


“My beloved children, I am The Son of The Father, and as I walked the earth I was The Son of an earthly Father.  He, in many ways, taught Me to love God more.  I would smile at different things He would say, for you see, I knew the teaching He was giving Me was to help Me grow totally in God’s Way.  His Life was to be the Example for all men to follow.  His Way was also Example, for He was a degree of Strength, a degree of Obedience, a degree of Trust that God desired for all men to have.

As I speak through this child, it is her obedience to Our Will, it is her trust in Our Way that gives you the Words We do say.  No man in the world knows all the facets of This Great Miracle. The child is the sole owner of these facets, the Soul that knows what each facet must be, will do, is for, the purpose it has.

Sometimes, when she does not reveal to others different ways, means, manner that must be stressed, the child says, ‘I do not believe, I cannot feel This is true,’ and she must stand, knowing the child is wrong, and yet just praying for the child’s distress.  This, My children, takes obedience to The Father’s Will, it takes trust in a way you cannot know, for you see, many times when I walked the earth, this happened to Me.  Children would stand before Me and they would say: ‘There is no God.  How can it be?  He does not come before us and show us the way.’ And I would stand there, looking into their eyes as this child must do, knowing the truth, and yet it was not time for Me to divulge What I knew, it was not time for Me to do certain things, it was not time that The Father was to become known in a special way, manner.

History way is repeating itself in a particular way.  The Father has designed the Hill of Hope for all men to come to, to better understand His Way.  Children are sometimes rejecting this Hill, for they say, ‘It cannot be so,’ and yet when they stand upon this soil, upon the earth, they wonder, ‘Could this be God’s Will?’ And keep in mind, when you stand on this Hill of Hope, to pray for those who come, who are fighting to believe in This Beautiful Way, for you see, you will gain more Grace if you act this way.

I stand before the world as The Son of The Father.  I stand in man’s eyes as The Heart that beats with God’s Love.  I stand in the world as The Son of an earthly Man, Who is the Example for all men to follow.  Many things in My Life were designed to lead all men, and yet now, in your day there are men saying, ‘That was His time, His way, His day, and now I must consider the progress of my way.’

Oh, My children, you are Blessed through This Miracle of Love, you are Blessed through This Miracle of Hope, you are Blessed through This Miracle of Truth.  And keep in mind there are many facets to This Great Diamond that God has given to the world.  The Hill of Hope is as the Star was over Bethlehem, shining bright, drawing men to God.  The Miracle can be termed as ‘a Great Diamond’, for in each facet there is a Ray of God’s Love for the world.

I bless you through the Whole Diamond, and I say, ‘This Blessing extends to every Soul in the world, and as the Ray penetrates to children far and wide, you must pray that they will come as they are called, to stand on the Hill, so that one day they will truly stand in the Sight of God, Here Where I am.’  So be it.”

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