ON JULY 25, 1972 AT 8:20 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am The Son of The Father, and I speak to you on this night because of His Love, My Love, and the Soul you bear, the Soul you have, because of His Love for you.

My children, there are so many things around you that are temptation to draw you from Us.  Know, that as you look at these temptations you must ignore them, for you see, they will rob your Soul of Eternity with Us.

I speak through this child.  There is but One Miracle in the world such as This.  The Miracle is One of Truth, One of Hope, One of Love.  It is a Miracle of Fullness, a Miracle wherein you are taught the Love We have for everyone.

We want children of all colors, all races, all creeds, to come to the Hill that was chosen a long time ago for this time to be.  Special children were chosen to hold this Hill for this time, and on the day that this child had to stand and say, ‘This is the Hill God wants for the Hill of Hope to be,’ the Hill was Blessed at that moment especially.  There were many things Blessed in this Hill at that particular moment. The child was made aware of them. The child stood in humility.  You, too, must stand in humility at all times.

Remember, My children, that when I walked the earth I stood in humility.  It was God’s Will, and through humility God is always seen.  When the time came for the Crucifixion to be, I could have struck out.  I could have stopped things, but it was God’s Love for all beings that caused Me, encouraged Me, to go forward so that things could be completed His Way.

As you gather, in a young way, I, too, was of your age one day.  I, too, listened to others speak.  I, too, had to obey.  I, too, had much zeal for the work and for the play; but I knew, even at that time, that the day would come and I would have to suffer for The Divine.

Now, My children, you gather together hopefully, helpfully, and interested in what will be.  Many of you were chosen to do certain things, to act in special ways, to perform certain tasks, and to follow certain paths.

On this night, I bless you and I say, ‘Remember to love God above all things, to look to His Heart for the beat of all things, and to thank Him for the privilege of the physical way; for, oh My children, it is truly a Gift from God your way.’  So be it.”

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