ON JULY 26, 1972 AT 7:43 PM


“My beloved children, I am a Saint some of you have not heard of.  I am Saint Philip Neri.  Some of you have prayed to Me, but most have not.  I ask you on this night to become more aware of The Saints Who are Here with God, in the Heavens Where I am.  There is Reward for the physical life.  You have the privilege to reach this Goal.  You have the privilege to store up, for your Reward for service to The Holy Trinity.

Right now you are in the world where there is little modesty and little thought of purity.  My children, make yourself know that to walk a particular road, keeping before you modesty, purity, self-discipline, obedience to God’s Will and trust in His Way, you will find happiness unfold before you and you will see all beauty in your way.

I truly speak to you from the Heavens Where I am, for I do not have to come and stand before each man.  I use God’s Power through a child such as you, to reach you with a Teaching, to reach you with Direction, and to give God’s Love to you.  So be it.”

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