ON JULY 26, 1972 AT 8:03 PM



I will tell you what I see.  There are about, I would say, Twelve Saints present in a group.  One is Saint Peter, One is Saint Anne, One is Saint Teresa, One is Saint Joachim, One is ‘The Little Flower’; Saint Edward, Saint George, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Alexander, I have never seen Him before; Saint Mark, Saint John of The Cross.  I do not know Who the Others are.  They are All in the garb of how we are used to seeing The Saints.

Our Lady, oh my, She’s beautiful.  She is coming into the group very slowly, but almost from above Them, and She’s beaming.  Saint Joachim goes over and greets Her, and He calls Her lovingly.  He says, “Mother, Daughter,” and She beams at Him.  She says, “Father.” He didn’t touch Her Hand though.  He reached out, and Their greeting was a little different than you and I would be.

Oh my, Saint Anne is standing with Saint Peter, and She looks at Our Lady — all of Her Love.  You cannot know Love like this.  I have never seen Love like this.  She says, “Mother, Daughter.”

Peter calls, “Our Lady is going to speak.” They circle around Her.  And Saint Joseph comes through, standing just there where She is.  And She turns around to Him, and He smiles, and She looks at Him and She says, “Son, Husband, Beloved Saint of God.”


“My little ones, you were allowed to see a greeting of Much Love Here in the Heavens that you heard so much of.  The physical closeness is in many ways retained Here.  A recognition of Our walk through life together is important, for it was Our effect upon Each Other, Our Example in God’s Way, that oftentimes gave strength to show the beauty of the physical way.  And that is why it is so important that children who share the physical life respond to each other with love, consideration, humility and good example.

I come through this child to teach you this Great Lesson on this beloved night.  Her obedience to God’s Will gives much Light.  All Heaven is radiant with Love and desires all children to arrive Here Above in Glory, for The Father wants all children He creates to spend Eternity with Him, to serve Him Here as a Saint.  The evil one does not love you, My children.  He envies you, and he does not want you to realize Sainthood.

Bear in mind all things you have learned on this night.  The joy that was seen in the Vision through the child’s way was to show you many things on this beloved night.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is on the Winds of God’s Power and in the Power of His Winds, and It is to set all things right.  Those who deny that The Father would act in this manner must understand that when He chooses a Way, It is Right.

I bless you with My Love.  I bless you with God’s Love.  I touch your heart, and I say, ‘Let the Truth, let the Wisdom that you know lead you This Way.’

I will release the child slowly for the Power is Great, for you see, with so Many of Us appearing to her, it took a Great Power and They will release her One by One.  Soon she will return to you totally, except, of course, in a manner of always submission to His Will.  The Beloved Joseph is never away, never out of reach, for the time in the world is now that He must become known for Who He Is, How He walked.  It is God’s Will.  So be it.”

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