ON JULY 28, 1972 AT 9:14 AM




“I began all things in the proper way, in a way that the child would understand the Magnificence and the Truth of My Plan.  I am your Father, and I speak to you on this day because it is a greater occasion for man than the child is able to say.1 It is the opening of great gates.  The gates lead mankind to hope, and there are many men in the world who say, ‘If this child is true, God will make it so.’

So as you gather in happy occasion, in love for what is real, keep in mind one thing, that this child, chosen before birth and from the moment of birth destined to do My Will, suffered much in a physical way, and used many years to grow so in love with Me, that when the time did come there was no other word to say but, ‘Yes, my God, my will Your Way.’

Everything that occurred at that moment of Announcement has been handled with dignity, and yes, a beauty you cannot know.  All Heaven has taken part in This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Truth, This Miracle of Love.  And when the child says to man, ‘You are experiencing but one facet of This Miracle,’ this is All Truth, for there have been many physical cures, there have been many cleansing of the way, for the Soul to come Here with Me one day. The child’s hands are Mine, the child’s arms are Mine, the child’s way is Mine, the child’s will does only The Divine.

Children, I announce many things to you today so you will better understand that Hope is really given to the world My Way.  Some of you have experienced the Oil.  I now explain to you:  This Oil comes with My Power and It is handed to man when I Decree it to be.  The Oils will become known as ‘The Oils of Saint Joseph’, and as the child does know, They can be multiplied when I decide this to be.

Children, I give you Faith, I give you Hope, I give you Love.  Many times I have spoken through this child.  Some of My little creations believed that It was I Who spoke, that It was I Who said All the things.  And those who closed their heart, their mind, and said it could not be, left empty inside, for you see, there is a beauty in trusting Me.  Children seem to be more conscious of avoiding good than worrying about following evil.

Through This Miracle of My Beloved Saint Joseph, I want all mankind to see Me, to learn once more to understand My Generosity, My Love.  The world will have an Announcement soon, for you see, in the Winds of My Power and in the Power of My Winds, It is I Who am spreading The Miracle you partake in.  As I see fit, I place It in hidden corners, and as you know, I use the child around the world.

I take her from you and I place her in other ways to do My Work in a physical way, for when she appears at the side of a bed she is welcomed with love, and the child who lays upon the bed, physically ill, responds to her; for I prepare the way so the moment she appears, the one who will be helped by Me greets her with love, and she is the only one they see.  But as I transmit My Power through her, the physical is cured and the child goes on to serve Me.  When I whisk her away from these places, what is left is love for Me.  Soon they forget the physical part, the transferring of the Power from Me.

So many things have occurred to this child and through her.  The ‘Preparation’ was very difficult for her, but it had to be.  And through the submission of a little will, you come now to a day where you see the Fruits of the labor, the Beauty of truth, the Magnificence of hope, the Peace of obedience, the Tranquillity of trust, and the Desire to grow more in love with Me.

Through the child, I, your Father, bless you on this day, and as I do I want to say: ‘You gather here in a chosen way.  I called you and you answered in a loving way.  As the child was chosen for a particular way and task, you also were chosen and your service must last.’ And as I enfold you in My Arms and I caress you with My Love, I say: ‘I am your Father.  Stay close to Me each day.’  So be it.”

1  Refers to the Anniversary of the Formal Beginning of The Miracle of Saint Joseph.

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