ON JULY 29, 1972 AT 7:15 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am a Saint many of you travel with and walk each day talking to.  I have only spoken through this child a few times, but I come to you on this day to speak of many things.  I am Saint Christopher.

Children all over the world speak My Name.  They have heard stories of how I helped them.  Let Me say this to you now, through a child such as you, that many of the things you have heard are true.  When a child prays for help, for aid, for guidance, for love, to a particular Saint, We are bound by God to help the child in a special way.  We take all requests to Him.  We present them and We ask what His Will be.  Oh, My children, the service to God, in the Heavens Where We are, is one alone.  As it is obedience in the physical way, it is obedience in the Saintly Way.

I speak slowly through this child so you will understand Each Word I say.  The children in the world are not praying the correct way.  They are using wrong means.  They are showing self-love in many forms of prayer.  Prayer cannot always be self-satisfaction.  Prayer must be done in a manner to satisfy God first, above all things.

I am a Saint Here in the Heavens.  I walked the earth as you walk the earth, and when the time came and the physical was over, My one wish was to see God one day.

Children are not being taught the beauty of the physical way.  They are being taught self-indulgence, self-love, little discipline, no obedience, and they are being told to trust in man first.  This must cease.  All children, all colors, all creeds, must learn to obey God first, and must learn to follow His Rules, His Commandments, His Way, for if they do not, they will become lost to Him.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Keep this in mind when you leave this edifice that was erected by mankind, with the help of God.

Oh, My children, you have come upon a Miracle, destined to be known throughout the world, in dark corners, in light corners, in all ways. The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is being taken from place to place on the Power of God’s Winds and in the Winds of His Power.

I, Saint Christopher, am happy to walk with you, to ride with you, and to intercede for you in God’s Way.  Keep in mind the Beauty of Sainthood, the Meaning of Sainthood, and the manner in which It is gained.

I bless you with God’s Love, I bless you with Truth, and I say: ‘If you have little Faith, pray, for you must grow in Faith God’s Way.  If you feel little love, pray, for love is more than man says it to be.  Love is obedience, trust, truth, self-discipline, God’s Way.’ I bless you with Hope.  The word is small, the meaning Great; it is a Gift to all men from God in His Way.  So be it.”

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