ON JULY 29, 1972 AT 7:25 PM


“My beloved sons and My beloved daughters, I am Saint Teresa of Avila.  These Words through this child are new to you.  There has been no other Miracle of This Kind in the world but This One at this time, for you see, My children, God has Decreed This Time to be.  The Beloved Saint Joseph must become known throughout the world, and all children must see Him for how He walked and what He is now, Who He is in the Heavens with The Divine Three.

My children, I, too, walked the earth, and as I did, I founded many convents, and all things were offered to The Beloved Saint Joseph.  And it was He through Whom many favors were granted, for as we prayed to Him, The Father could not say ‘No’ to Him.  So, keep this in mind, for when you want something unselfishly but for the good of others, for the good of your Soul, go to Saint Joseph, for He will hear the words and He will say to God: ‘Please, God, help the child.  The child does want to grow closer to You.  The child wants to see You one day in Eternity.’ And The Father cannot turn This Great Saint down, for you see, He was obedient to God many, many years.  He guarded and guided The Son of The Father.  So you see, My children, He stands High in the Heavens, He stands Firm in God’s Way, and yes, He is obedient to this day.  So be it.”

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