ON JULY 29, 1972 AT 7:54 PM


“My children, I use this child to reach you.  It is The Father’s Will.  My Heart is shown to her now, half-bleeding, half-shining, showing her the physical and the Glorified State.  There was a day when My Heart shed much blood for the way of man, for the Soul of man, for God’s Will to be done.  At no time, since this time, has there been so much Wisdom given to the world.  Those who feel The Father would not design such a way for Us to reach all the world of mankind are foolish children.  It happened before; it is happening again.

Children, I beseech you to seek purity, to seek holiness, to seek Sainthood.  It is available to you, it is expected of you, it is God’s Goal for you.  Let the heart that you have, that beats with Our Love, grow so deeply in love with Us that only Sainthood will be your reward, instead of time being spent to make reparation for what you have done.  Man does not realize that Sainthood can be gained by just loving Us.

There are so many dreams, so many wishes, so many desires children have, that have no real meaning, no true goal, no worthwhile pattern, and yet the children indulge in them, seek them, follow them, hold them close, for they say they need these things in their day.  This is not so.  You are given joy and it is up to your will to develop the joy.  You are given happiness and sometimes you reject happiness for self-satisfaction or self-love.  Sometimes you reject all the good that you have because you are selfish and you are full of self-pity instead of true love for The Holy Trinity.

I come to you, My little ones, to hand you Truth, to hand you the advantage of knowing what you can do.  I come to you through a physical being such as you, so you can hear with your ears, see with your eyes, what is right for you.

Do not separate The Holy Trinity, for many children are doing this.  We Are One.  To love Me, you must love The Father and you must love The Holy Ghost.  To love The Holy Ghost, you must love The Father and you must love Me; and when you love The Father, you must love Us.  It is the way It was Decreed to be.  There are children now in the world ignoring Two Parts of Us and putting all emphasis on One Part, One-third.  They are forgetting We are inseparable.  They are forgetting We Are One.  They are forgetting that We Are All Things.

So, on this night, in your little way, remember the Lesson, remember the Wisdom, and keep this one thing in mind:  through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who stands Here with Me in the Heavens, Who stood with Me while I was upon the earth, He stands ready to help you in service to Us, in obedience to The One Will, God’s Love for you.

I bless you with The Father’s Love, I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with The Light.  All These Things must be One in you:  The Love, The Heart and The Light.  So be it.”

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