ON JULY 30, 1972 AT 3:04 PM


“My children, I have come often through this child to speak Words of Wisdom and to teach things so worthwhile.  Each child here in My Presence now, must learn the Purpose of life and must direct each day to its Goal, to its way.  I am a Saint in the Heavens, and now I will speak in the manner I usually do, through this child.  I am Saint Martin de Porres.

All things must be learned through This Great Miracle of Hope.  All children must be alerted to This Place upon the earth.  God has chosen This Place for many reasons, many purposes.  One, My children, is to make you a Saint.  Many years ago, a man came to this land and he stood on top of one of the peaks, and he said, ‘God, save this land for Your Own Will,’ but what this man did not know was that God had chosen this land long before.  This man was a priest.  So many children have come to this land.  Some have been the landlords of this land.  God used these children to hold this land for a particular time.

Now so many issues will be coming forth for you to better understand the reason for this land.  It is a physical thing, it is a creation of God; but keep in mind, the Purpose of it is Far Greater than any man can know, for as you stand in one small spot, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Souls will come this way, and many will leave cleansed in the Spiritual way, and too, many will leave This Place physically able to do God’s Will.

The child will announce today the Great Place that will stand here one day, and as you are the first pilgrims to come and stand on this Great Spot, thousands more will make their way.  Some are now being beckoned throughout the world, and they will one day walk right where you stand, for you see, it is God’s Will for man in your day.

I bless you with God’s Love, I bless you with Hope, and I say, ‘Sift all things, find the Truth, and follow it to the Feet of God, His Way.’  So be it.”

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