ON JULY 30, 1972 AT 3:22 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bernadette.  There are many, many things that I desire to teach to you today.  Many of them are to the young.  Many of them are to give the young something to think about, something to follow, and yes, a Goal, not only the physical one.

Children in these days are taught much about how to handle the physical way, how much they must learn the physical way, and how much material gain they should seek.

And now, I, Saint Bernadette, come in a Love you cannot know, and I say: ‘God does not say, “Do not be successful in man’s way.” God does not say, “Do not enjoy all the things He gave,” but The Father does say, “As you enjoy each day, pray.” Pray that you will do His Will, pray that you will accept His Love, pray that you will one day be a Saint, for you see, there is much Importance placed in Heaven on obedience, on self-discipline, and loving God.’

Please, My children, keep this in your little minds, and as you go through each day look to The Heavenly Mother.  Ask Her to teach you to pray.  She will, for you are loved much by Her.  I experienced this Love firsthand, and it is My Desire that children go to Her, love Her, follow Her Example, follow Her Advice, and seek Her Way.  So be it.”

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