ON AUGUST 6, 1972 AT 10:55 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Alphonsus.  I say to the child and through her, ‘The Lesson you have just been given is a Lesson in Direction for what will be, what must be.’ There are so many children in the world not learning Bible History.  There are so many children acting only according to the fleshly way.  You must learn, My children, the beauty of following God in a simple way, in a loving way, yes, in the way He Decreed it to be.

All children must learn the Ten Commandments and they must understand that These Commandments were given to every man, to teach man the way to Eternity, Eternity with The Holy Trinity.  Children must see the value of prayer, but prayer to please God, not just the child.  Children must learn to kneel in veneration, yes, and in respect to The Holy Trinity, for you see, it is lost in the world now.  You truly live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Please do not ignore These Words for They are Truth, and as you live in this cauldron of hate and of turmoil, remember God was in the world first.  I bless you with Truth and I bless you with Love, and I say, ‘If you open your heart, God will put into it His Way.’  So be it.”

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