ON AUGUST 6, 1972 AT 10:57 AM


“Never before has a child been asked to stand in such open obedience as this child has.  I stand in the Heavens and I seek each one of you out.  I say to you now, ‘Oh, My children, know what This Great Miracle is all about.’ As the child stands, ready to accept Our Words, you must stand ready to believe in All These Things, and to trust in All God gives to the world.

Right now, you live in a time of great heresy.  I am Saint Athanasius.  As I speak through this child, I have spoken rapidly many times, but today I speak firmly, slowly, lovingly, hopefully, and yes, understandingly.  You must understand that the evil one has used men’s weakness to teach you heresy, to cause you to cling to heresy, and yes, to stand in your way of coming Here one day.  You must be open to the Truth.  You must understand that when man is at the root, there cannot be all truth.  There has to be man’s way injected into it, but when you follow God’s Will, God’s Plan, God’s Way, keep in mind that only Truth can come your way.

No child has ever spoken such Wisdom, for you see, the Wisdom is from Here every day, and as she stands before you, she is flesh as you.  As she stands before you, she is human in all ways, as you; but as it has been all through time, God chooses certain children to work for The Divine.

And on this day I say to you: ‘Ask to be a ray of The Miracle of Truth.  Ask to be able to stand and be example for It, of It, in It, with It.  Ask to be a ray to teach others solely, wholly, only God’s Way.’

I bless you from the Heavens, and it is God’s Love with which I bless you.  I bless you in a manner you cannot know.  I bless you and say, ‘Oh, children, fight the heresy of your day.’  So be it.”

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