ON AUGUST 9, 1972 AT 10:52 AM


“Children speak of the path I walked, and sometimes they glorify moments that, at the time they were happening, were insignificant to those who surrounded Me, and yet there are moments of Great Importance that no man has record of, for even at that time I walked the earth, men used their own thinking, personality, likes and dislikes, favorite moments, to cling, to accept, to write about, to pass on to children of all time.

I come now to reveal through this child a moment there is no record of, a moment when I stood upon a hill, and the men who walked with Me stayed behind to have repast, respite, and while away the time.  I stood upon the hill, and at this time, the Man Who walked with Me in the physical way, My Father, was in Heaven, a Place made Special by The Heavenly Father.  I knew He was protected because of His obedience.  I knew that He was being prepared in some ways for the Crucifixion time.

I knelt upon this hill, and I beseeched The Father to help Him through the time, for I knew that the earthly love would remain in a form, in a way, and this would be agonizing for Him, to see Me walk that terrible way.  There was no assurance from The Father at the time that He would do as I had requested, but as I walked on the hill, I had the assurance that The Heavenly Father was Merciful, was Just with all things, and would see that all was done right.

And as I looked at the men who were walking with Me at that time, they were unaware of this Great Discussion I had just had with The Father Who was truly Mine.  And as I met with them, they were unconscious of My Thoughts with The Heavenly Father and they rambled on about their discussion time.  I joined them, for you see, it was important that We walk together in the way of man, because it was how God Decreed it to be.

I knew that soon they would be faced with many situations, many problems, many hurts, many fears, many doubts, and I knew that any preparation I would give them could not change the things they would have to face.  I knew that the Teaching I had laid down would be strength to them, the Truth I had given them would be their way out, and the Faith that they had in The Father would sustain them, but I knew that they would have to use their will to figure things out.

This unrecorded time of Mine was Important, for you see, you have times such as this, and you do not receive open answers.  You must learn, My children, not to ask for signs.  You must respect God’s Will all the time.  You must learn to trust in Him alone.  You must learn the Beauty of Faith.  There is no limit you can have in This direction.

God does not say, ‘I give you a certain amount of Faith for your whole life.’ This would not be just.  Keep this in mind.  He does not say: ‘I limit you in trust, My Way.  Reach that point and there will be no place for you to go, but you will come My Way.’ Oh, no, for you see, the more you grow in Faith, in trust, the more you perform obedience His Way, the Greater the Saint you will be one day.  Only man limits man.  God does not limit you.

Keep in mind, My children, that when I came down from that hill, I looked at the men and I knew that each of them had their own will.  I loved them so much that if I could, I would have walked the path for each of them so they would not have had to withstand the moments of decision, the doubts, the fears.

There are so many things I have taught you today, and I ask each child here to keep This Teaching of Wisdom, of Love, of Truth, close to you.  It will help you in every way.  There are many, many Lessons to be taught through this child.  There are Many Things that have been revealed and are yet to be revealed.  There is Much Love to be shown.

Each of you present here in this child’s presence knows that the physical is real.  My children, to be born to the world is a privilege.  It gives you the opportunity to one day live with The Holy Trinity.  Thank The Father for this Gift.  Thank Him for this Love; and be aware of the Goal that the physical has the privilege of.

I release this child slowly for My Power is so Great the littleness she is could break.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you with My Heart, I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost, and I say, ‘When you stand and pray, do not ask for a sign, but have trust and He will answer you from The Divine.’  So be it.”

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