ON AUGUST 10, 1972 AT 9:07 AM


“My beloved son, My beloved children, this is no accident, your gathering together, for once again I beckon children to join in a way of Truth with Great Purpose to It.  I am The Son of The Father.  I am The Sacred Heart.  And I walked the earth as The Son of Man, so that children could all enjoy the Heavenly Plan.  I speak slowly through this child who borders on exhaustion in the physical way.  I have come on this day for special reason so that The Great Plan will not have delay.

For many centuries, man’s time, a Great Plan was made for This Time, that The Beloved Son, Joseph, would come to the world in a way all His Own, and be heard, be seen and become known.  It was natural when this occurred that All of Heaven would participate in God’s Word.  No man in the world is aware of the Magnitude that This Saint stands in, in Heaven Where The Holy Trinity is constantly Here.

This Saint was beckoned by God a long time ago, and when the beckoning came, He was asked to give of His life a measure untold.  His first thought was, ‘Could it be true?  I, Joseph, am being beckoned by You?’ The Faith that He had in The Father’s Way and Will, made Him know the beckoning was true.  Because He was Joseph, because of the Plan God had for this Man, He did not make all things easy.  He allowed the will, He allowed the trust, He allowed obedience to be used.  The Man stood alone, saying to God, ‘I want to do Your Will.  How can I be sure that what I hear is not just a facade?’ The term, the words, were different, I’m sure; but the meaning, the reasoning, the same.

When this Man, young in all ways, accepted God’s Plan, the loneliness He felt was one alone, for He did not know which step would be next.  When He looked into The Woman’s Eyes, The One He was chosen to be with, He knew that only God reigned there, and that He would always stand back; and yet He knew that This Woman was placed upon the earth for special reason.  Her Beauty was simple; Her Manners, all Grace.  The Love that She radiated made up for the sadness in Her Face, for She, too, was beckoned to that lonely road of complete service to God.

My children, the loneliness that this road has is beyond the loneliness man can expect in the natural way of life, but it has a compensation and this is:  It serves The Creator, it gives love to Him Who Is.  Man, in his service to God, feels an inner peace; this is Grace, for you see, Grace is God’s Reward, Grace is God’s Love for His little beings.

When the time came and We were to flee because of the danger, Joseph, My Father, looked at Me, and He said, with all the love a father could hold, ‘I will protect You with My life, for the Mission You must complete is Far Greater than I know.’ And as My Mother looked into My Face, She wondered just how long She would partake in the road of life with Me.  And as I returned the glance, I said to Her with My Heart, ‘Just hold Me.’

My children, when the time came and I was to beckon other men, this time it was direct from Me.  I picked men from all walks of life, ones that were chosen by The Father through Me.  The Plan was unfolding piece by piece.  There were no great moments, up to this time, that appeared to the world as Great Miracles, and yet God’s Plan was unfolding all the time.  Men of great minds were determining things.  They were prophesying many things according to the sky, and then they would look around and say, ‘Soon a Great Event will take place.’ And as I stood there with them, My Heart would beat with a pound so different, for you see, I was The One for the prophecy.

It is now as it was then:  simple, sound.  It showed the Beauty of obedience.  It showed the Beauty of trust in God.  The Lessons now known to man were the Greatest Lessons in the world, and yet man is ignoring these Great Lessons once again.

When the time came for Me to walk alone on the path, knowing that satan would stop Me every moment of the way, all I could do was pray.  All I could do was give God My Love, every moment of the day, for the strength that I had was His Love.  When temptation came, it was forty times greater to Me than any man could name.  And I knew that God The Father was preparing Me for the moment of Crucifixion, for I could not have stood the blows, for you see, they were far greater than any man knows.  Each cut I felt forty times more, for the suffering had to, in some ways, be enough for all the children of the world.  Children do not understand.  They think it was suffering just by man.  They think it was giving in a usual way.  It was not.

The Plan was so orderly.  The Plan was so beautiful.  The Plan said Love, for you see, the Lessons that were taught in the Birth of Me, the Lessons that were given by The Mother through Her Way, through the Man Who was My Father in the human way, were Far Greater than man acknowledges, accepts, follows; for the greatest thing that man can give The Father is time:  time to do for Him, time to serve, time to love Him, time to help others know the way, time to draw Souls to Heaven Where We All stay.

Children say, ‘I will give You this, I will give You that, God.’ And sometimes when He beckons, He says, ‘Give Me time,’ and the child says: ‘I will give You all else.  The time is mine, I want it for myself.  I have many things to do with this time, God.  I am selfish about my time.’ And The Father says: ‘I have all else.  All I request is your time.’ The child makes excuses and soon wanders off, feeling that he fought a good fight and that he showed The Father exactly what was right.

At the moment when the physical is about to end, many men still say: ‘God, give me time to make amends.  Give me time to do all the things I want to do.  Give me time to express to others, my love for You.’ At the moment of birth, men should understand the value of time, the necessity of time, the beauty of time, the purpose of time, and what is meant by time.

My children, at the foot of the Cross stood a Mother, stood a Woman Who gave time.  The Man Who stood beside Her, in the giving of time, was standing in another Place with The Father, because you see, in the time that He spent with Me, He grew so in love with the Beauty of service, of love in the human way.  But had The Father allowed Him to stay, He would have ruined, He would have changed Divine Plan, because He would have fought every man, but it was necessary that before this time, God take Him away.

A moment, one day, it was announced to this child, ‘Will you give time?’ The answer was immediate, as was Theirs.  Her love for The Holy Trinity gave no doubt.  She stands in the world, she lives in the world, but she is truly no longer of it, no matter how she appears.  Her lightness with you is to help you understand that, through the physical way as man, you must work hard and you must enjoy God’s Plan, for one day you must spend Eternity in Heaven Where I am.

The world says: ‘It cannot be.  A woman would not be chosen by The Holy Trinity to serve in such a manner, in such a great way — a Grand Manner, Way, Divine.’ And The Father says, ‘Oh, yes, satan would suspect a man, but once again I place a woman in the world, for reasons of My Own, to walk a path of service.’

Sometimes you will find the child in anger.  Some of you have already experienced this, but the anger is always when something goes amiss, when it means a Soul, not the physical.  You have seen people tug at her, grab at her, and want to shake her, for you see, My children, she is the link that children have waited years for Heaven to send.  Satan expected a man; he never thought a woman.

When the time came and I could no longer bear the pain, I said to The Father, ‘Please, take Me away.’ ‘It is almost over, Son,’ was His reply to Me. ‘Just wait and give Me time, for the moments left will seem long to You, but the time will give children Eternity with Me.’ The moments dragged, for the suffering was so great, nothing seemed to numb the way.  I kept saying, ‘God, is not the time enough?’ And suddenly I felt the moments closing in, and I looked into the Face of The Woman.  The time She gave was to see this time be; the time She gave was to allow Me to hang upon the Tree.  And I knew that Her suffering was unbearable, and I knew that when I closed My Eyes, She would thank The Father.

And now I say through a child such as you, who cannot bear the pain of what she sees, ‘How much time will you give to The Holy Trinity?’ After These Words, My children, think much on what time means to you.  What time can you spare from the physical?  Ask yourself:  What is time?  In reality, it is a period of hours, days, years, in anticipation to one day stand in The Divine.  The value of time is far greater than you know; the purpose of time:  to give children the chance to grow.  From the moment of conception you have a Soul, you have time.

I bless you and I say, ‘Keep in mind how difficult time was for Others to give, and yet through Their giving, you have the chance to one day be a Saint.  Can you offer others the same chance?’  So be it.”

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