ON AUGUST 11, 1972 AT 7:45 PM


“My children, in the creation of the world many things were placed inside the earth, some of great value, some of little worth.  All things had reason, all things had beginning, all things are yet inside the earth, for you see, God had many things in mind when He created the soil for you and me.

When the day came and children found a jewel in the ground, the jewel was not shining as it should be.  But a child came forward, destined to determine that this solid piece had great worth and a particular beauty for many things.  Suddenly, children began to realize that gems, stones such as these, were special to mankind.  In many ways, God placed these things to give children something to have of great worth, teaching them the beauty, giving them a piece of His Earth.

One day The Father handed The Greatest Jewel to the world.  So many children do not understand This Great Jewel because, you see, It was handed to other men, not as a gem, but as Bread, as Wine, as The Ultimate Gift to mankind.  In the handing of This Great Gift, much more was said than has been handed down through the line.  The real definition was given then.  The Purpose was one alone.

I come through this child on this night to remind you of This Gem.  The Gift should be precious to every man, and the Beauty of This Gift is that no man need be without It, for It is given each day through God’s Hand.  Those who stand in the way of The Son stand prepared to hand It to everyone.  Those who stand, following the path of His Way, have the power to distribute This Gem to every man who will come their way.  If, at this moment, The Father Himself were to come to this room and point to a shelf where jewels would be stacked, of all colors, all kinds, none would compare to The Holy Eucharist that is Truly Divine.

On this night, My children, keep this in mind.  The Greatest Gem in the world is for all mankind.  You are welcome to share It, welcome to have It each day of the physical life.  Do not deny yourselves The Gem that truly gives you life.  It is Faith, It is Hope, It is Charity, It is Trust, It is Obedience, It is Love, It is Purity, It is All Things, It is Grace; and the Worth on This Gem is unlimited, for It Is God.

Oh, My children, I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, and I have come to you on this night with Words unusual to many children present here, but I offer Them and I do want you to hold Them dear, for if This Great Gem, This Great Gift is given to the world, The Heart of The Son is in Each One to give life for All Eternity.  So be it.”


While They are talking to you, I can be talking to Them, which I was doing with Saint Margaret Mary while She was speaking.  The gem that I was shown was a great ruby.  That was the gem that big, and it had many facets on it.  And when I first saw it, it did not shine, but the longer the Vision held, it was glistening.  And She said to me, “What makes it glisten is the Light from The Divine.”

And while She was showing me that, She was showing me a deep cavern, and in this cavern men were fighting over a gem and the gem was not anywhere near the beauty of the ruby, but the gem was, what you and I would call ‘false, imitation’; but one of them had found it.  So while She was talking to you, I was questioning why they were arguing over a false gem, and She said, “That is so typical of man.  Before them they have the Truth, the True Gem, and yet they will waste time, delay themselves in ridiculous ways.”

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