ON AUGUST 16, 1972 AT 10:29 AM


“My children, I am Saint Teresa of Avila, and I speak through this child in a very natural manner, in a very natural way.  I, too, walked the earth in service to God, in the physical, in the mental and in the Spiritual.  And many times, when I would kneel to pray, I would ask The Beloved Saint Joseph to intercede, and yes, interfere in my way, for I knew that He was most Beloved in Heaven, beside The Heavenly Mother; and I knew, because This Saint could not refuse God anything, God could not refuse Him anything.

As this child stands before you now, she, too, must walk in complete obedience, complete service to The God of all people.  She, too, must be obedient to Divine Will, with the physical, the mental and the Spiritual.

So many children say to God, ‘I give You my will.’ Not so.  Children selfishly hang onto their will, because the will is the only power they have.  Man has learned this through great sickness.  The will to live, the will to have one more day in the world is many times the strength that sustains man; of course, along with God’s Love at all times.  Man cannot will to live without the help of God.

As you stand on this Holy Ground, It has been Blessed by The Father all around.  As you listen to the Words of your way from Our Realm, you listen to Heaven speak to each of you.  The little ones must understand that they are privileged at this time to hear Words so direct from God’s Command.  The children of later age must know that it is with Love that God shows This Miracle of such Love, such Hope.  In many places in the world there is no hope, so God on this day hands you Hope in the form of Words, in the manner of soil, in the way of Love, yes, in the sight of yours, to see a child such as you walk in obedience, walk in trust, walk in Complete Truth.

I, Saint Teresa, know many of you, for your prayers came My way, and each prayer that was directed to Me, I listened to and offered to The Father in a special way.  Never think that one prayer goes unheard.  It does not.  Never feel that your worries, your fears, your doubts, your concern, go past Us, for you see, We are present when there is hurt, fear, doubt, trials, misgivings, sickness, distrust, to help you on the way to Sainthood.

I speak firmly through this child.  I speak with much understanding of each of you and I say: ‘Walk in trust to God each day.  Stand firm on what you know is right and pray for those who are weak in God’s Way.  Be mindful of the Blessings you receive today, and as you receive Them, know that it is a form of Grace from God your way.’

I bless you with the Power of The Father.  I bless you with the Truth that will give you strength.  I bless you with Hope, for this is where you are today.  So be it.”

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