ON AUGUST 16, 1972 AT 10:44 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I do not give the child a Vision of Me, but I give her the chance to love Me through obedience of transmitting to you My Words, My Love, My Power, through and through.  The Words she says are All on Direct Command from Me.  All the things that she shows are in obedience to Me.  The Words that were spoken, describing a time for Me, were directed by Me so you would know.  The Power with which I hold her is One Alone.  Through This Miracle of My Beloved Saint, I have made many entrances to the world.  I use a child in the physical so millions and millions and millions of My children can feel My Love, My Intention, My Hope, My Will.

Man places much emphasis on the physical.  I do not say this is wrong, I do not say this is not My Way.  Not one of My Creations is wrong in itself.  One of the most beautiful creations I made has served Me in the most sorrowful way, and yet the service has not ended.  I was The One Who created the wood.  I was The One that decided it would be the wood that would open Heaven.  The use of wood has been important in many things for Me, many things for man.  It was through the way of the wood that a Beloved Man Who is now a Beloved Saint, earned the physical road for Those in His Command, in His Realm, in His Way.

Man has become so involved with synthetics, allowed to be created by Me.  Man has become so involved with himself that he uses My Creation of himself to defy Me.  I have given man intellect.  I have given man a physical.  I have given man senses.  I have given man virtue.  I have given man a true way to follow Me.  I have given man My Commandments to live by.  I have given men periods of time to help them understand Me.  Man, in his eagerness to use all things for self-acclaim, self-purpose, self-love, is going through a time of great distortion on truth, using the things I gave to accomplish the wrong end.

You are privileged children.  You are children whom I love much.  I come to you to help you better understand the Purpose of your physical, the Purpose of being man.  You are My favorite Creation.  You are My Love and I have designed all things for you to come Above.

I ask you, My little ones, on this day, to let My Love radiate through you, from you, within you, so that others will follow in My Way.  I ask you not to doubt in Me at all.  I ask you to hold My Hand for I will protect you.  I ask you to teach others what I want.  I ask you to pray to Me, for when you don’t, I miss it, oh, so much.  Children are complicating the way to Me.  Do not do this.  Come to Me as children.  Come to Me in prayer.  Come to Me in a simple way and know that I am there.  Kneel at My Feet and talk to Me, for every time you do I bless you with My Love and draw you closer to Me.  I bless you with My Heart and you do not feel It beat, but It enters in the physical to give you strength that you will need.

My little ones, My love, be aware of all things that will draw you to Above.  Do not be skeptical.  Do not fear, for I am always near.  It saddens Me when children feel that I am remote from them.  I sometimes whisper, ‘I hold you dear,’ and they are too busy to hear.

I hold this child in a very Light Power.  And now as I release her, I shower down upon you Things you cannot know:  I give you Grace, I give you Hope, I give you My Love; It is not remote.  I touch your heart with My Love, and the Light that lights your day is the Light that truly comes from Above.  I release the child slowly, and I hand you My Love.”

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