ON AUGUST 18, 1972 AT 7:51 PM


“My beloved children, when the child spoke on this day with Me, she pleaded for help from The Holy Trinity.  I come now through her to you.  I am Saint Catherine of Laboure.  So many children pray and they do not expect an answer right away, but I come on this night, through a child, because of the pleading that she gave today.

There are so many things of interest to man.  There are so many things of waste to man.  There are so many hours in each day man uses in a useless way.  There are so many efforts man puts forth, only for selfish acclaim, answer, way.

I, Saint Catherine of Laboure, say to you on this night, ‘The moments that I did kneel by The Beloved Mother’s Knee, were moments that I desire for all children to experience.’ It will not be in such a physical way for all, but I come to you to say, ‘You can kneel in Her Way, you can pray to Her each day with your will, with your desire to tell Her that you love Her.’ Do not wait for a Great Vision, a Great Miracle, but show your love to your Heavenly Mother by kneeling in a simple way.  And as you lay your hands in the proper manner, know that She caresses them in a way you cannot feel; for when a child does kneel in devotion, in love, The Mother cannot reject the child’s appeal.

So, little ones, I come to you to say, ‘Do fold your hands in the proper way.’ First, it is an act of humility; next, it is an act of reverence; next, it is an act of love.  I did it, and I ask you on this night to do it each day.  Do not let others see you pray in a casual way, for you see, it lacks honor, it lacks reverence, it lacks love.  Humility is strength and when you pray in a way so others do not know this is what you are doing, you pray in pride, and pride, My children, is weakness all the time.  Be humble, be strong.  Stand in truth and join The Heavenly Throng.  So be it.”

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