ON AUGUST 18, 1972 AT 7:55 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Cyprian.  I speak through this child openly and in Truth.  I speak to her in firmness, through her with firmness.  I speak to her and through her oftentimes.  When she requests My Name, I say, ‘Cyprian’.  She smiles at this Name, for you see, it is not a common name among men.

As you stand in the world, it is not the usual thing for The Saints Who stand Here in God’s Realm to speak with you.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is One Alone.  It is a Miracle to give children of all colors, all races, all creeds, Truth — direct from The Father.  It is to give children the desire to be a Saint, to show them the Purpose of life and to teach them the Truth, for you see, satan waits.  The evil one is jealous of you, but remember this:  he does not want to be called ‘man’, for you see, he figures that man is weakness.  So he says, ‘Make them call me satan.’ Oh My children, call him ‘man’, for you see, he is out to hate all things and he desires to gather all men.  He is full of jealousy, full of envy, full of pride.  You must join the army by Saint Michael’s side, to rid the world of this evil ‘man’.

I bless you in Truth.  I bless you with Love and I bless you with Hope and I say, ‘Please, pray, for I am Saint Cyprian.’”

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