ON AUGUST 18, 1972 AT 8:02 PM



I will tell you, describe to you, the Vision I see.  It’s Our Lord.  When I see a Vision such as this — He told me to explain it to you — It comes in gradually, piece by piece, or else I would be so attracted by Things of my own liking, I would miss some of It.

There are children, many of them.  There must be two thousand children at least, all colors, and they’re dancing around Our Lord, very happy.  And He’s walking.  He hasn’t stopped walking, and I don’t know how He can move through this crowd, but they have never stopped Him.  They seem to be moving with Him, and yet, happy.  There’s such happiness in these children.  It’s almost as if they are growing in my Vision.  They are getting to a greater height, and suddenly the boys are men and the girls are women; and suddenly there are other children in the crowd, but they were not there at first.

And He’s still walking.  Now, suddenly the crowd is increasing.  There must be five thousand now at least, and yet they don’t look like too many.  Our Lord is still walking, but it’s not a walking as we know it to be.  It’s not a floating.  He’s in motion, but I cannot describe it to you and that’s the only way I can see how He can get the movement there.

Those who are adult now, are listening intently to What He’s saying, but the wee ones, the little ones, are also listening in their own way, half and half.  They’re preoccupied with each other, too.  And He’s talking.

There’s one Man — He looks like Peter, but I don’t know — It’s John The Baptist, and He’s talking with Our Lord very seriously.  On the other side of Our Lord is Peter.

Oh my.  Saint John is saying: “Father, there is such joy that surrounds You.  All children who follow You seem to have such peace, such tranquillity, such freedom.  It is a beauty to see.” And Our Lord is nodding graciously.

And now Peter leans over to direct the thing also to Saint John: “Generation after generation have been taught Your Way, Your Words, Your Love; and now in the world, children are again being taught.  There are so many disgraces, misinterpretations to be eliminated.  It is a privilege, My Father, to walk once again with You in the world, to teach in a manner unknown to man.  I thank Thee for the privilege and I say, ‘Let the Words that come through the child from Me each day lead all men to Your Side in a special way.’” And Our Lord nods: “My Peter, You serve well at all times.  You are a credit to Me, Son.  You are a Special Love.  It will always be.  Continue to help Souls gather around Me.”

There’s a Man coming forward.  It’s Saint John Who stood at the Foot of the Cross.  He is still young looking.  Our Lord is greeting Him with both hands. “Once again I call upon You, John, to teach children, to protect children, and to show Love.  The task I placed upon You a long time ago, You served well, and yes, You did it in all ways to My liking.  There were many Lessons taught when I handed You My Beloved Mother.  The children do not realize that there were many Lessons attached to this, and the Greatest One, of course, has been ignored by so many men and that was:  The young must care for the widow, for the aged; with respect, with honor, with integrity and self-discipline.  You were My Example in this way.  I thank You, John, and now You must do things again to teach children My Way through The Beloved Miracle of My Son Who was My earthly Father.”

“I bow to obedience to Your Will, My God; it is a privilege more than I can say.  I love You, You know this.  I desire to serve only You each day.”

I wish the world could see it:  Saint Joseph and Our Lady, and again She is all in green and the emeralds in Her Crown are shining all around.  Saint Joseph is again in purple and white, with a ruby Crown.

And suddenly the people in the Vision are sitting down on the ground, and the ground is very green.  And Our Lord’s robe is beginning to shine, and there are stars.  They’re not stars, they’re diamonds, all around in the background of Him.  Oh my.  Oh, She’s Beautiful.  Our Lady is going to speak.

8:13 P.M.


“My children, when The Father chooses a special road, a special way, for a Special Plan His Way, the path is a difficult one for the one of love, one that nothing in the physical way can surpass.  I come to you through an obedient child, doing God’s Will.  It is now as it was then — total submission to an Ultimate Plan.

Children have been told the beauty of prayer, the need of it, the purpose it is.  Some are ignoring the Truth.  Once again, The Heavenly Father is permitting the Truth to be shown, to be told, to be seen.  Ask yourselves on this night, will you ignore It, will you reject It, or will you accept It?

I, your Heavenly Mother, want so much for you to accept God’s Love.  Generation after generation has been taught His Love, and through each generation of children born to the world, some have accepted, some have rejected.  Some are now spending time preparing to one day see The Divine.  I, your Mother, say: ‘Use the physical time to prepare for the Ultimate, Which is Divine.  Be obedient to God’s Will.  Walk in strength.  Do not let any man sidetrack you, delay you or diminish your chance to be a Saint.’ The Words are for each of you; My Love, Far Beyond any love you know; and the Truth in Which I speak, Divinely guided, Divinely given, Divinely shown.

The time in which you live is a sad time for The Father.  It is a time where children are showing desperation, trying so hard to find Him, when the path to Him is a simple path, a serving path, a loving path, an obedient path.  Each man must obey The Rules, The Commands that God gave.  They are not too difficult.  They do not burden man.  Each one that God gave is special for man, for through These Rules, man has the task to be a Saint.  Keep in mind, My little ones, that only satan, the evil one, the desperate one, the enemy of God, caters to your weakness and encourages you this way.

I speak to you in a natural way.  How else could you understand?  Never let a day go by that you do not hold The Father’s Hand.  I want you on this night, before you lay your head, to grab onto the garment that I wear in the Vision and I say: ‘Let the color that it is, strengthen you in hope.  Let the color remain with you, for you see, it is a favorite color of The Holy Trinity.  It was given to the land.’ Man has put much emphasis, much meaning to this color, but I, your Mother say, ‘Cling to it every day.’

And as I rise now from the Vision of such Beauty, the Beloved Spouse of Mine will speak, for He stands in such a Beauty.  The Power that He has is One Alone.  His Place in the Heavens Here is very close to the Throne.  Keep this in mind, My little ones, as you go about your day:  Saint Joseph is beloved by God in a very special way.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love, I bless you in a Motherly Way.  I caress you with My Hand.  I touch you with My Heart for I do want you to come This Way.”

8:23 P.M.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, This Miracle that bears My Name is God’s Will. This child through whom I speak is God’s Instrument to you.  There are so many things that have been divulged and are yet to come through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love.  The Father has designed This Time for men to get to know the Purpose of the physical way, the Beauty of The Divine.

There are so many things that you desire, that you want to be, that you hope for, that you care about, and sometimes you forget to say, ‘God, help me in this way.’ And I say to you with God’s Power, God’s Love, ‘Do not demand of The Father, but request it, all the things you desire.’

Know that you are children.  Know that He loves you.  Know that your obedience to Him is special to Him in every way.  Know that He desires for you to come to Him one day.  Know that He loves you above all His Creations, in a special way.  Know that the Soul that He did give you at the moment of conception in the physical way, was to return to Him one day, Radiant with Light in a special way, deserving a Crown, the Crown of Sainthood, and remember, My children, the Crown that you see, that you desire, is not a crown as you know a crown to be; but a Crown, in Heaven Here, is to see The Holy Trinity.

The Diamonds that surround The Beloved Father Here, are the Souls that are to come to Heaven Where We are.  There are so many things children do not know, children cannot see, and that is why children must walk in Faith, in hope, in obedience.

I bless you with The Father’s Love.  I bless you through The Miracle of Hope.  I bless you through the instrument God chose.  So be it.”

8:28 P.M.


“Before the child is completely released, with a Power you do not know, a Power that sustains her to deliver to you Heaven’s Glow, I want to speak to sons here present now.  I want each one to think of the path that he is on.  I want each son to know that he was born to the world to one day be a Saint.

The daughters also must realize that their path is the same one, to one day be a Saint.  Children are not being taught the Purpose of life.  It is not being established, it is not being shown.  Men are putting so much emphasis on the physical way, the physical growth, that they are forgetting they have a Soul.  I want each child here on this night to be conscious of a Soul, of a Light, and the Ultimate Part of the physical road.

I bless you with My Heart.  I bless you with the Truth.  As I diminish the Power through the child, you will feel My Love in each of you.  So be it.”

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