ON AUGUST 20, 1972 AT 10:55 AM


“My beloved children, I spoke once through this child today so the Words would come natural to you in a human way.  I am Saint Athanasius.

You live in a time of great heresy.  You live in a time of great turmoil.  You live in a time of great doubt.  You live in a time of much imperfection.  You live in a time of much material gain.  You live in a time where man says, ‘The physical is my only aim.’ You live in a time where heresy creeps in and it appears to be all good.  Oh, My children, this is not so.

There are so many heresies around that children are falling into the trap of, that you must understand, you must be the ones to be example for them.  There are so many children following other men.  There are so many children following the words that other men create, that other men interpret the Bible to have been.  You must understand that those who interpret do not have the knowledge.  Those who accept, accept because man says so.

I, Saint Athanasius, say that Pentecostalism in your day is a heresy that must be wiped out, for it is drawing men into doubt.  It is giving man, what he thinks, great power.  This is not so.  God does not hand gifts to men in this manner.  So many men are being hypnotized, becoming emotional over this great movement.  You must understand, My children, that Pentecostalism is heresy in every way, and as it is, you must reject it; as it is, you must help to make it disappear, for if you join it, you act in it, you act upon it, you are joining heresy, and heresy is developed untruth.  Heresy is not God’s Way.

I bless you and I say, ‘Beware of the heresy in your day.’  So be it.”

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