ON AUGUST 20, 1972 AT 11:03 AM


“My children, I am Saint Bernadette.  It is not easy to stand where the child must stand.  It is not easy to look into your faces and know the inner thoughts, the love, the turmoil, the Faith; the amount of it or the lack of Faith that you have.

I, too, stood on solid ground one day.  I, too, was permitted by God to look into the faces of men.  My way was to seek out the Vision that was presented to me by The Heavenly Mother. This child seeks the Vision out with the Eyes of her Soul.  And oftentimes, when she looks into your face, God says, ‘That child needs help.’

It is difficult to stand where she stands, knowing the turmoil, knowing the hurt.  But please, My children, learn to pray for other men.  Learn to ask God to help them.

As it was in My day, many Rosaries went up to God, requesting physical help, mental help, Spiritual help, and He heard each one of them.  So it is again in your time and in your day, in your way.  Again the Holy Rosary must be held, must be said, and must be directed to God Who is at the Head.

You are Blessed much when you stand with this child.  You are Blessed much when you stand on this Sacred Soil.  You are Blessed much when you desire to have the Faith, for you see, through Faith you will gain hope.  Through hope, you will learn to love.  Through loving, you will learn to be a Saint.  You are Blessed, My children, in a Special Way, for the Blessing comes from Above.  So be it.”

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